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A day of Try Dive for the ones who want to try diving
By Maria Ayca Kocdag

Today we have a group of four people  who are curious about underwater life and would like to try diving and breathing under water. The group came to Dive Hub at 8:30 in the morning. After the morning coffee and a little conversation about the expectations of our guests we go next to our equipment which is waiting and ready for us and all  set up by Dive Hub assistants.

Maria Ayca Kocdag
Maria Ayca Kocdag


We run a detailed briefing about how the equipment operates: now our guests know how the buoyancy compensator device (the vest to which the tank is connected), the regulator through which we breathe under the water, the tank containing high pressure air within all operate. They also know how to choose the correct mask to fit their face, correct fins for easy kicking and correct size of wet suit, all of which combine  to give them quality time under the water. Afterwards, we talked about the changing pressure under water, the importance of equalizing pressure in the middle ear, the change of visibility under the water. We emphasised on breathing and told out guests about the importance of regular breaths under the water during SCUBA diving. Last but not least, we showed the underwater signs to be used during our dive, and used those signs before going in for a fun practice. After all, we will be communicating during the entire dive and we should all be sure to use the signs correctly.

After the equipment, underwater physics and the effects of water to human physiology, we came to the most fun part of our briefing: what we shall see for the half an hour  while we are underwater. When I looked to the faces of our guests, I could see their  mixed excitement and concern at this their first time. This reminded me of my very first SCUBA dive ever... I was going to use some equipment I barely knew and I was going to breath under the water, swimming among the fish in their habitat just like one of them... I slid back from my nostalgic memories and came back to here and now, back to our guests and told them what to expect to see underwater.
Ranging from 2,5 to 5 metres, Dive Hub shore hides stripped groupers, parrot fish, priest fish the schools of which gather around you with curiosity, squirrelfish looking out from under the rocks, scorpion fish, crabs running around, colourful octopusi hiding in their caverns and squids  as well as the sponges and living rock corals. There is also a high possibility that you may come across a sea horse during your dive, too. We reminded our guests that we are only guests as humans under the water as we are land creatures and the importance of respecting the underwater habitat. As Dive Hub crew we run all our dives with this awareness.


Now that we have given all the required information to our guests for a safe dive, now we are ready to dive. We put our equipment on and enter the water calmly. After a few breaths taken under the water, our guests become true  divers, forgetting  all their worries and starting to enjoy the continuous beauty of the scenery. After the thirty minutes of dive time we return to the surface. We came out of the sea and ended our dive for today. When I looked at the  divers’ faces, I could see the  expression of peace on their faces having taken the place of the worries of earlier.

After the dive we all dried ourselves and went to have a coffee. Our guests told us that they never expected that diving with equipment could be that easy and fun, and that the thirty  minutes went by as if it was only five minutes, also they told us they want to progress with their diving and to obtain their diver licences.

Eventually I was proud and happy to see Dive Hub was able to help more people aware of the sea, and what it is and contains.

Maria Ayça Koçdağ
Iskele Dive Hub Managing Director

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web:      www.dive-hub.com
web:      www.iskeledivehub.com

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