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LifE in the TRNC

Spring into music at Bellapais Abbey
By Marion Stuart

An opportunity to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the beauty of music  in one of the most beautiful places in North Cyprus, is  on the 3rd March at Bellapais Abbey and all thanks to a trip that Irene Raab-Marancos of Kaleidoskop Tourism who made a business trip  to Germany and a Tourism Fair.

Orchestra Heitz

As a music lover she attended a concert, and from that came a germ of an idea that will become a reality on the night of the third when the German Chamber Orchestra ;'Capriccio Fridericiano' will be joined by local soprano Laden Inci to bring the beauty of music by composers such as Mozart,  Grieg and Bach.

The concert which starts at 8p.m. will cost 30tl and the proceeds from this concert will be given to the Cyprus Piano Association, to support young local musicians.
The programme will include:

  • Leopold Mozart (1719 –1787): Concerto in D- for trumpet  and orchestra with Wolfgang Heitz (trumpet).

  • Edward Grieg (1843 –1907):  Norwegian melodies, op. 53 and NorwegianTunes , op. 63.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 –1750) “Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen” (Rejoice in God in every land) with Laden Ince (soprano) andWolfgang Heitz (trumpet).

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) “Eine kleine Nachtmusik“.(A little night Music).


Tickets are available from the ticket office at Bellapais Abbey, Deniz Plaza shops in Girne and Lefkoşa, Bestseller Bookshops, Kybele Restaurant and at the door on the evening of the concert. The organizers of the concert include the Cyprus Piano Association and local tour operator KaleidsokopTurizm. Sponsors include YücelFotografcılık, ÇiçekEvi and Kybele Restaurant.

For more information please call Kaleidoskop Turizm on 0392 815 1818.

Uncle KAR needs you!


As always with the work of the Kyrenia Animal Rescue, needs arise and they turn to the community for help. Two urgent needs have raised their heads this week and KAR is appealing for answers to those needs.

Firstly, is there an animal lover out there who is prepared to get a little dirty? And could they be available for week-end and holiday cover at the rescue Centre at Arapkoy where some 75 dogs and an almost equal number of cats are housed? The rewards come from the gratitude of the residents of the centre, plus transport can be provided from Karakum. The hours are 8a.m. to 4p.m. and training will be given. 

Secondly 'softies' are required for the cats, puppies and dogs. The definition of 'softies' is blankets, towels, jumpers, or anything that can be used as bedding for the animals. 

If anyone does have any, then please drop them into the  office at Karakum between 9a.m. and 5p.m.

Offers for the help at the centre, or for any information, please telephone 0533 869 4098 or 0533 863 1950.

Kibkom Forum

Ian Smith Estate Agents




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