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LifE in the TRNC

Kibris Sanat Students take the high notes

The Kibris Sanat or Cyprus Art Music and Dance school  has gone from strength to strength, from the beginnings in the year 2005 when Turgay Hilmi and Gozlem Ozdadirmenci opened the doors of what has now become an established  institution to bring children into the world of art. The school is proud to have as its Honorary President, Gurer Aykul, the famous Turkish Conductor.


The school now has a huge range of activities for children from the age of three and a half, with classes for adults too with a broad range of music, dance, art, sculpture, handicrafts and now chess. Part of the training is to encourage public performance, which encourages the students and demonstrates to other potential participants just what Kibris Sanat has to offer.

On the weekend of the 8th and 9th February, a series of four concerts was held at the small, renovated  church in Lapta which is but one of the seats of education and where more than one hundred and fifty students, accompanied and encouraged by their teachers, displayed their musical talents to friends and family.

During the four concerts, the children displayed their talents in the use of various instruments, including violin, brass, guitar and drums - playing classical and  modern music, and sang contemporary English and Turkish songs, with the youngest being four years of age and the oldest was in his thirties.

The teaching is done through  the method called Suzuki, such method being initially taught by Christophe Bossuat during special visits to the school.

Students and Teachers
Students and Teachers

St Lukes Church Lapta
St Lukes Church Lapta



Cool Guitarist



Tulips Walk

Coffee Cup Conversations
By Can Gazi

Can Gazi
Can Gazi

In a country with a small population, such as here on the island of Cyprus, it is only natural that some people are well known within the local community. We are taught by our parents to respect our teachers and many are remembered by their students, even long after graduation. One such person is a remarkable lady who is not only an inspiration to her young scholars, but is also a very active philanthropist.


I have known Hatice Kerimgil for a long time, and I am amazed to see that her energy and enthusiasm has never waned once over the years. From social and cultural activities to supporting various charities, Hatice is always there to lend a helping hand. Our recent conversation over coffee was in relation to a subject that is always hard to talk about, but one that has affected all of us in one way or another. Cancer. 

The annual Orchid Walk organised by the Cancer Research Foundation (KAV) is held on the last Sunday in February. This means that this year the eleventh walk will take place on the 23rd of February. KAV is the sister charity of the UK based Pro-Cancer Research Fund. Turkish Cypriot Professor Mustafa Djamgoz from Imperial College, London, established the Fund, a registered charity in UK, back in 2002. Research into the causes of cancer and work on finding a cure are vital in the ongoing battle against one of the biggest killers of the 21st Century. The traditional Orchid Walk in North Cyprus is a big money raiser for the charity, and after very humble beginnings the event has grown from strength to strength. In fact  last year they reached a record breaking one thousand participants, and organisers hope to repeat this success once again.


Whilst the walk has been held along various mountain trails across the island, on the 23rd of February a large crowd of walkers, runners, cyclists, drivers and even some on horseback, will return to their original path. Starting off at the village of Kozanköy everyone will finally congregate in the grounds of the the primary school at Karşıyaka. For a donation of just 30TL each participant will get a light packed lunch, a special t-shirt, refreshments at the end of the walk and also any small gifts that are to be kindly donated by sponsors of the event. For those wishing to get a ride to the starting point at Kozanköy, there will be bus services leaving from central locations from all the major towns across the TRNC.
Hatice tells me that you don't need to be a regular walker or even exceptionally fit take part in the walk. If for any reason during the walk you feel you can't continue there will be vehicles available to offer you a lift, and there's even an ambulance on stand-by, just in case! The most emotional part of the day will be when everyone gets together at the end of the walk; as there will be a minute of silence in memory of those who have succumbed to the disease. Straight after, to lighten the atmosphere, hundreds of balloons will be released into the air. There will also be a chance to browse around some stalls and stands selling local goods, and Hatice reminds me that live musical entertainment is also on the agenda.  

With just a few days remaining it's still not too late to confirm your place on the walk. The last few tickets are still available at all branches of the Deniz Plaza stores, and from all KAV volunteers. For more information you can also call 0533 863 4929 or 0542 857 3408. One small step for mankind, one giant leap for science!





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