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The Green Line

The Green Line

First ever Food Bank launched in the TRNC

Co-operation between the Social Services and the charity Children in Need Foundation has resulted in a Food Bank to help Turkish Cypriot families who have been suffering from the economic situation here in the TRNC.

Food Bank Opening

Discussions began a year old when the CiNF, a registered charity dedicated to helping needy children in the TRNC, was approached by the Government.

Kibris Sanat Students take the high notes

The Kibris Sanat or Cyprus Art Music and Dance school  has gone from strength to strength, from the beginnings in the year 2005 when Turgay Hilmi and Gozlem Ozdadirmenci opened the doors of what has now become an established  institution to bring children into the world of art. The school is proud to have as its Honorary President, Gurer Aykul, the famous Turkish Conductor.


The school now has a huge range of activities for children from the age of three and a half, with classes for adults too with a broad range of music, dance, art, sculpture, handicrafts and now chess.

'The Quiet Way' - a book that screams 'terror'

The Quiet Way

New author Robin Melhuish, a resident of Karsiyaka, shares a faction that will frighten.
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Why poison?????

We have all heard or read horror stories of dogs being poisoned and the pain and suffering this causes to animals but when you find the poison on your doorstep it brings it home just how evil some people can be.
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Spring into music at Bellapais Abbey

An opportunity to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the beauty of music in one of the most beautiful places in North Cyprus, is on the 3rd March at Bellapais Abbey.
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Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat


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