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Tails in the TRNC

KAR surgery is complete thanks to ATA - and calling for a vet
By Narion Stuart

The KAR Head Office at Karakum was full of happy faces on Wednesday 22nd January, as Margaret Ray, Chairman, and her committee received a cheque from Isik Muhtaroglu, Chairman of the Anglo Turkish Association, together with members of her committee.


The cheque in the sum of £500 was given towards the cost of the special operating table for use by the veterinary surgeon when they are found that will transform what KAR can do by way of caring for animals, particularly the street dogs. Margaret Ray announced "We now have everything we need. Along with the table came an incubator, a blood separator, three pumps, a microscope and dressings - all we need now is the vet!'

Margaret explained that the table cost them £1200 all together, even though it was second hand, and she was full of thanks and praise for the generosity of the ATA which made the purchase possible, and particularly to Karen Hepplestone of the Springfield Vet Practices in U.K for acquiring the table and the other pieces of equipment.


"Karen has been extremely helpful to us" said Ann Bosley "ever since she came into the shop when over here on holiday, and she has acquired many things for us - scales, drip stands and more." Margaret went on to explain how that "Karen is in the ideal position to help us as she is in a unique position of being able to acquire vet supplies, and she asks for them for us."  Apparently, when Karen comes to north Cyprus where she has a property, she often manages to bring 10kg of extra luggage free for charity purposes.  "She comes with Thomas Cooks travel agents and always asks for that extra 10kg for us".

"Unfortunately with the shipping of the table, TRNC Customs and Excise charged us £265 duty" said Margaret with a degree of sadness in her voice, which was understandable as it would obviously help charities not to have to pay such sums when many of the items in the package were donated from loving hearts to the charity here, and also the company Jo Valentine Removals had transported the goods free of charge to help KAR to be able to retain their funds for other important aspects of their work.

"Jo valentine Removals were so helpful, but we had to wait until there was space in a shipment, and although the order was confirmed on the 9th July, it has taken this while to come. But now we are ready for that Vet!"  Margaret added that they will need both a Vet and a Vet's assistant/nurse, and of course will need ongoing funds to pay their salaries.

"We are so grateful to ATA for giving us this money to make our vet's premises here complete."

Both Margaret and Isik made speeches for the benefit of the BRT news,  and Isik took the opportunity of not only stating how glad she was that ATA could help KAR in this way, but she also stated how sad she was at the recent road accident involving the loss of young lives and hoped that the Government would find a way of changing some of the Accident Black Spots that exist, as the loss of human lives in such a way cut deep into the souls of many people, just as injustices to animals also cuts the hearts of people too.


The filming and the taking of photographs was presided over by 'Fido' who sat resplendent on the middle of the operating table, and who at the flick of a button starting to shake and singing 'Who let the dog out' to which Pearl Mitchell, Vice Chairman of ATA was heard to say 'You are not coming home with me!' Fido the adorable toy dog seem unperturbed and went back onto the shelves.

Just before the money was handed over, other works of KAR was apparent. One of the visitors bought herself a beautiful poncho form the array of clothing for sale in the shop, while a very nervous Zeus was being measured for a box to take him with his owner to U.K.   Zeus was a beautiful Alsatian who seemed afraid of a metal tape measure, while his owner was saying 'We could never leave him behind'.

The work of KAR is far broader than running shops to raise money and kennels to care, but it provides many other services and now hopes to add the vet services "We will continue to campaign for additional money for this new venture in our work, and hope that it might yet be possible to find a sponsor."

With the generosity of organisations such as ATA and the many individuals that help keep the work going, Margaret Ray and her committee are confident they will be able to maintain all the vital aspects of their work going.

Anyone wishing to learn more of KAR and how they can help is invited to take a look at their web site: www.kyreniaanimalrescue.org


Miracle on a holy night
By Blacky

Sunday evening mom, Ecossé and I were home resting then mom decided to collect her shoes from the entrance. When she opened the door there was a stray cat on the doormat looking so innocent and comfortable.


So mom decided that she would not send the cat out into the cold night and gave her a handful of dry food, as soon as she did that mom realised that the cat needed to drink water after the food and so she put some water in a plastic cup and placed it in the door-way-marble. I could hear the cat eating and chewing from behind the door, I stood at the back of the door to listen and understand what was going on but mom said I should not threaten the cat and took me away from the door.  Now why would I threaten it, I do not understand. However mom says that street animals are easily scared because they have to survive in an extremely hostile environment. Mom also added that the people in the building would usually throw out the cat however they must have been feeling merciful as it is a holy night Sunday.

Unfortunately the houses and buildings built by humans that have messed up all animals’ habitat. It is more difficult for cats, dogs, birds, lizards, even owls and seagulls to find proper living areas especially in cities. Apparently some of the animals have migrated from their habitat once humans came and started lighting the streets and such, according to mom and granny there were bears, wolves and rabbits along with different kinds of birds almost ten to twenty years ago, they are all gone now. Not all animals are lucky as Ecossé and me, because we have a loving mom, aunt and their friends that care for us.

Mom has a new interest these days, one of the municipalities in Istanbul is holding a two day seminar on first aid, caring of and recognising ill animals, could be pets or strays including birds, rodents and fish along with cats and dogs. This seminar is in coordination with the campaign “Be your local animal welfare person” so mom decided that she should join the seminar, get her certificate and be the local animal welfare person. Actually mom was planning to do this in a different way, she meant to take the University Exam and enrol to an undergrad school of veterinary technician. Mom thought this could be a good idea because she already does all she can to help strays this way she could be better informed about what she could be up against. My mom is a person who believes in the advantages of education and training, she says once you have the proper training you can be more helpful and can even save lives. So we will see what happens about the seminar, I will let you folks read about the updates.

I know mom will not stop with just making homes for strays from plastic pans, she will surely try and do more. She has friends like herself and I guess they will attend this seminar so they can help strays better. I guess this will also be useful for me and Ecossé as she will know if we have a serious problem without taking us to the vet, so we would not have to travel in the box to the vet unless we really have to. Although I am sure she would not skip our regular shots and manis and pedis, mom is very strict about these. She wants us to be neat, clean and healthy. So now I need to clean and get ready to sleep, mom will not take me to bed if I am not well groomed.




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