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The Little Society of Kyrenia funds exciting school projects in the Karpaz


Like many schools in the Karpaz, Ziyamet Primary School attracts children from surrounding villages, has a dedicated teaching staff and an energetic Parent Teachers Association.

Now, thanks to a 10,000TL grant from the Little Society of Kyrenia, the pupils have an opportunity for new experiences.  Ibrahim Bayikoglu, the Head Teacher, is determined to use the money to help develop the educational, social and cultural needs of the children.  As well as providing seminars for the parents of younger children on how to make the most of their education and arranging for Social Services to advise parents of the 33 special needs pupils on how to cope with some of the difficulties, he has a full programme of fun organised.  The younger children have already visited a local bakery, fire station and post office and will soon be going on trips to the Kibris newspaper and visiting museums in Guzelyurt and Lefkosa to help to understand their heritage.  They are also going to a cinema, which none of them have experienced before.  Social awareness and an understanding of nature is an important part of the programme.  They are planning to plant trees around the school and introduce recycling bins so that the children will appreciate the need of this.

Staff and supporters of Ziyamet Primary School - Karpaz

The school organises an annual tea party to raise money and thank everyone involved in supporting their activities.  This year it was held on Sunday 12th January in Yenierenkoy.  Mothers of the 280 children who attend the school, pupils and teachers all met to enjoy coffee and cakes, music, dancing and an almost never ending raffle with prizes supplied by local businesses.

The Head Teacher took the opportunity to thank the Little Society of Kyrenia for their generosity.  Ibrahim said ‘Thank you for all your support.  Without this money our children would never have had the opportunity to experience many of the things which other young people take for granted. It has helped them to appreciate the importance of education and the culture which is part of their heritage’.



Topic of the week!

Helen Fields
Helen Fields

Introducing The 6 Human Needs

This week I am giving an overview of the 6 Human Needs.

Human needs were first described by Maslow, in 1943, entitled ‘A Theory of Human Motivation,’ as a hierarchy of needs.

More recently 6 Human Needs have been described in Human Needs Psychology:

“As humans we all have basic needs that we try to meet in our everyday lives. Whether consciously or unconsciously we will try to fulfil the needs which are most important to us. However, our quality of life can be affected by how we choose to do that. We can try to fulfil our needs either in a negative and harmful way or in a positive and empowering way. If the way we try to meet those needs is not in line with our values then we will experience conflict and discontent. When we are able to align our needs with our highest values then we will feel more complete and fulfilled.”

Quote from Jamie McConochi, life Coaching web site:

According to Human Needs Psychology there are six basic needs which are universal and that we all try to fulfil in varying degrees:

1. Certainty. The need for security, stability, and reliability.
2. Variety/Uncertainty. The need for change, stimulation, and challenge.
3. Significance. The need to feel acknowledged, recognized, and valued.
4. Love and Connection. The need to love and to feel loved, and to feel connection with others.
5. Growth. The need to grow, improve and develop, both in character and in spirit.
6. Contribution. The need to give, to help others, and to make a difference.

These 6 Human Needs have been described and worked with very effectively in the coaching world by the teamwork of Robbins and Madanes.  In 2002 they teamed up and developed Life Coaching Interventions coaching programmes. Together they have revolutionised the world of coaching.

Tony Robbins is a world renowned coach, motivator, author and much more.  He wrote ‘Unleash The Giant Within’ and has worldwide seminars of the same title and this leads to Life Mastery University Seminars. An extraordinary man, who gives his all on stage and continues to grow and develop his work.

Chloe Madanes is a Human Needs Psychologist who first described these 6 Human Needs.  She is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist.

Next week we will explore the Human Needs: Certainty and Variety /Uncertainty


Ian Smith



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