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TRNC's new airline 'Karpas Airlines' - KHY replaces KTHY

KHY Karpaz Airlines - The Kibkom Times North Cyprus News

Hava-Sen (CTA's Trade Union for aviation and airport staff) President Buran Atakan has announced the name of the newly established airline: Karpaz Havayollari (Karpas Airlines). CTA (KTHY) flights on 21 June 2010 discontinued due to financial crises, payment of compensation to past employees will now begin. Although the former employees were due payment in total of $28 million, Atakan stated that they will only $8.7 million was currently available the remainder to be paid over the year, some employees have stated that they would not appeal.

The new Karpas Airlines which has been registered in Turkey has already had a flight license issued. The TRNC government will have majority ownership of the airline and its inaugurel flight will be in April of this year. It will initially operate between Turkey and the TRNC's Ercan Airport.

Atakan expressed sadness in that CTA had lost all its very valuable slot rights at London Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, stating that it is now extremely difficult to get new slots allocated. If the old slots were still available then CTA would have been able to continue to oprerate today.

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The 7th Lapta Festival is coming!
By Marion Stuart

Marion Stuart
Marion Stuart

Seven years ago a one day event was held at Chateau Lambousa and for a few hours people were made aware of what Lapta offers and what Lapta can be.  From that small acorn of an event, there is now a huge 'oak tree' with branches galore and an umbrella under which many different leaves in the shapes of sports, musical events, and fun are hidden.

Berke Ertopaloglu, chief organiser of the festival advised "We have started to organise events, dates, venues and sponsors" and explained that this year's Festival will drop some of last year's events and include new ones. "This year we want more emphasis on quality and less on quantity. But there will be 95% of the same events as last year".

Lapta Festival

There is no Gardens competition this year, but there will be a couple of new and exciting events, and Berke asks for patience because until finalised, they have to remain under wrap.
But some of the successes of last year are a definite. "Last year the Dog Show was a real 'hit' and is definitely being repeated this year" said Berke. "We did not expect it to be so busy and it was encouraging to see an increasing number of locals taking an interest and taking part. We will be giving full details again soon."

The quality angle means that events will not start so early "The first event will be in March but the main concentration of events will take place on the 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd June and these will be taking place on the Lapta Strip or in the centre of the village."

One of the reasons for ensuring the Festival is finishing by the 22nd is because there are elections at the end of June and so it is important that the Festival is finished a week before people go to the polls.

"I would ask everyone to put these mains dates in their diary and we will soon be sharing the programme of details.  However, there is still time to fit in anything special and new.  If anyone has any ideas or might be interested in sponsoring in any way, please get in touch with me.  We are open to ideas as we want to make this special for everyone."

As in previous years there will be a charity that will benefit from the proceeds of the Festival and that is to be announced early in February when other details will be available.

Watch this space! But in the meantime, Berke asks that the main dates are diarised. "This is not only our 7th but it coincides with the Year of the Environment, so we are working to making it even more special as we are all proud of Lapta and all that it is and has."

Berke can be reached on  0533 834 9878

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