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LifE in the TRNC

Coffee Cup Conversations
By Can Gazi

Across the decades many popular culture trends have come and gone. Most recently, the world of international television has seen a massive rise in the number of "reality TV" shows aired during prime-time hours. Big Brother first took the world by storm back in the late 1990s, airing for the first time in the UK in 2000.

Can Gazi
Can Gazi

Ali Kose - The Kibkom Times North Cyprus News

The British Pop Idol singing competition followed not long after in 2001. Whether you are a fan of this style of broadcasting or not, one thing is certain, millions adore them, spending hours in front of the box; often taking the time to vote for their favourite contestant.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ali Köse, a very talented and down-to-earth London born Turkish Cypriot singer. Ali recently participated in the Turkish version of a reality TV game show called The Voice. The initial audition has the singer performing on stage in front of four celebrity judges who are seated with their backs turned to them. If a judge likes the performance they press a button and their chair turns around to face the contestant. The four judges eventually go on to make teams who then battle it out in a series of rounds until the public votes for the winner. Ali was successful enough to make it to the quarter finals and his soulful voice and warm personality won him many fans, especially here in North Cyprus, where the show is watched by many.

During our friendly chat Ali told me that he is not only a singer, but a musician (he plays the guitar), dancer and a songwriter too. Believing that it was time to get his name heard Ali was persuaded by a cousin living in North Cyprus to enter The Voice, Turkey. His flawless rendition of Lionel Richie's All Night Long meant that all four judges turned around for him. Ali chose the popular singer Hadise as his mentor, and is very proud of his achievement on the programme. He said, "I have learnt a lot about showbiz and how the system works. I'm ready now to move forward, and I hope to put my experiences to good use."

Ali's vocal style has a sound that to me resembles a mix of soul master Stevie Wonder and the more modern Jason Derulo.

He takes things very seriously, apparently rehearsing his songs for hours whilst preparing for his performances on The Voice. In fact during our chat, Ali was handed a guitar with its strings newly repaired; and he spent over half an hour tuning it to perfection before even attempting to sing for the crowd. Ali now wants to concentrate more on his songwriting, and has written enough songs to record an album. More often than not he takes his guitar in his hand, strums a few chords and then the lyrics just pour out with ease. With the right backing and with a little bit of luck Ali's musical career will take off in 2014.

Ali Kose - The Kibkom Times North Cyprus News

My brief chat with Ali left me feeling we had known each other for years. He isn't internationally famous yet, but he is certainly a household name for many of us here in the TRNC. He has all the qualities of a star in the making, and is a true gentleman through and through. Ali Köse's fifteen minutes of fame in Turkey may be over for the time being, but his journey to stardom has only just begun.

Ali Kose with Can Gazi - The Kibkom Times North Cyprus News
Ali Kose with Can Gazi


By Marion Stuart

Marion Stuart
Marion Stuart

While most people were dipping into their special Christmas Day breakfast, one man was dipping into the sea, so that some of KAR's animals would have a chance to dip into their breakfasts in the future. Bob Betts took to the waters of Kervansary all for love of man's four legged friends. Wife Kim felt he was brave, but instead of joining him, she encouraged him and wants to share the tale with all, so here is her version a man, she is indeed proud of for his bravery (and caring):

Kim Betts tells the tale of her brave husband....

xmas swim

On Christmas morning whilst most people were opening presents or munching on mince pies Bob Betts from Catalkoy was stripping off!
He had heard of the seasonal swim that takes places for other TRNC Charities and was disappointed to hear that it was never done in aid of KAR. No one had been prepared to take a dip to help the dogs. So he decided that it was time that the animals at KAR benefited from a Xmas dip. He, and his wife Kim (who many know from the KAR office and is the KAR Pet Travel Consultant), set about raising sponsorship money.

On a bright Dec 25th morning, along with three Catalkoy ladies who were swimming for NCCCT, he braved the chilly waters off Kervansary beach. It started with a cautious toe dip, then a tentative walk, a bit of a jog and finally the full monty dive and .....he was in and under!

He was supported and encouraged throughout by Kim, who helped from the shore line with words of encouragement (“ he must be mad ” or such like !) , holding his hot coffee and drinking it for him before it got too cold.
All together Bob raised 513.00TL and £10 to help the many animals at the KAR Centre. Due to the ever increasing price rises in food costs and the colder weather it was felt that all of the dogs would benefit from supplies of canned food. Much to Kim’s delight they went on a shopping spree and Bob haggled and haggled a supermarket into a discounted price on large tins of dog meat - 156 tins in total.

xmas swim

It may have been a dip in the ocean for Bob but it was a dent in the food bill for KAR.
To everyone who supported and sponsored Bob he has a few words, “Thank you for your support and more importantly your money – it really wasn’t that bad once I was in -HONEST! Maybe you would like to join me next year. Same time but maybe a different place "

(It is rumoured that it is unlikely that wife Kim will accept the invitation, although she will be more than happy to go along and encourage all those who join her husband, and also to continue to drink the hot coffee before it goes cold.)



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