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Tails in the TRNC

MA 722 - your number has been noted.

About a week ago a driver of a grey Isuzu Rodeo Denver car with the registration number MA722 is reported to have thrown a kitten out of the vehicle whilst it was travelling at about 30mph.

MA 722

Special Needs School

Bird Bites

Monastery of St Panteleimon

Property advice

Fortunately for the kitten, an animal lover was in the car behind, and the driver rescued the kitten which seemed no worse for its 'flight' to the ground. Cats are renowned for landing on their feet, and this could have saved the kitten from major injury.

The person who saw this placed a posting on a Forum issuing concern and asking whether this should be reported to the police and also to find a home for the kitten.

The kitten has been offered a home and it is not known whether the matter was reported to the police, but what the driver of the vehicle in question may not know is that there is a law in North Cyprus which states categorically that anyone harming an animal shall be subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.

Legal and ethical issues are involved and the person who ejected the kitten through the open window is guilty of breaking both the law and animal rights. 
Whether this person is apprehended or not, it is a warning to everyone that TRNC is a small place, and also a caring place. 


A happy ending!


It’s me, Beauty, again, I have the most fabulous news!

I have found a family, isn’t that brilliant?

Diane and Peter came to meet me this morning and we got on really well, Mick and Edie said they fell in love with me straight away. They already have four dogs and they brought the youngest, Blue, to meet me. We got on great and I can’t wait to have more fun with him playing and laughing together. We are going to have a week of getting to know each other before I move in with them.

Mick and Edie are so happy that I have found a good family to love and take care of me and when they come back in the Spring they are going to visit me. Everyone has been so kind saying nice things on Kibkom and Mick and Edie are going to call me ‘Beauty the Kibkom German Shepherd’ and will keep everyone posted about how I am doing.

I now know a bit more about my background. Mick and Edie’s neighbour saw me being thrown out of a white van which sped off without me. I tried to catch it up but it was too fast. I don’t know who they were but I know now I was not happy with them.

Thank you Kibkom for helping me find a family and happiness, I know I will not be lonely, hungry and sad again because I now have Diane and Peter and a family.
Love from Beauty -woof, woof  

"I need a home too" - says newest arrival at Lamboussa


As a famous Irish comedian would say 'There's more, there's more, there's more' and it seems that almost every day there is yet another dog that seems to have been abandoned and needs a home.  The kennels of KAR are full to overflowing, but thanks to the caring people of north Cyprus somehow these needy dogs are given a home and love and a future. However, the problem goes on and on. Last week KibKomTimes carried the story of 'Beauty' and now this week there is 'Henry'.  Elsewhere can be found that Beauty now has a home, but here is the story of Henry as told by Stella who pleads on behalf of this young man:

"I know there are so many strays that need a home, but this beautiful young dog was dumped at Chateau Lambousa Market 3 weeks ago. He looks like a boxer cross, and is probably about 7 or 8 months old. He did have a collar on which was too small for him (which I took off), but he must have had a home at one time. Very friendly, loves people, other dogs and just wants to be loved. Ian has named him Henry, as he likes to stand up against you and paw you with his paws( Henry Cooper the boxer!) Lambousa now has 5 dogs and it's getting a bit expensive feeding them all - I think it's becoming a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. While the others are older and have been their a long time, Henry is still young and would be great to find him a new home. If anyone is interested in him they can call me on 0533 842 7204, or go along to the market part of Chateau Lambousa and you will see him somewhere in the grounds. Ian is there most days, so he will know where he is."

Can any of our readers help or at the very least pass on the message of Henry's need for a place to call his own. 

This dog is but one of many many needing homes and that KAR has many from which a would be pet owner can choose. Visit thier website and then get in touch with KAR: www.kartrnc.org



Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

Out of interest, a relative regularly forwards a copy of The Kibkom Times to give me some idea of life in their newly adopted country - a place they clearly enjoy.

I have found your recently introduced column, Random Ramble, both interesting and informative, not to mention thought-provoking and contraversial!  I had no idea there was so much "going on" between the
two sections of your island and sometimes wonder if the writer has perhaps jumped "from the frying pan into the fire" with his move from Africa!  Thankfully not, of course, but it does bring home to me how little we know of the other side of the world from down here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Looking forward to more chuckles over a good cup of coffee!

- Sheila BB

KKT reader

Hi - just wanted to say how much I enjoy my weekly update on life in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus even though, to date, I have never been there! I used to have the pleasure of working with the mysterious Random Rambling man and he has introduced me to both an excellent publication and what appears to be, from this distance, a beautiful country. Receipt of the Kibkom Times is now one of the highlights of my reading week. Kind regards - CP

Beauty the Kibkom German Shepherd

"The Kibkom Times helped a lot as Pete’s brother, who lives in Oman, saw the article and sent Pete the link. So I went global, how wonderful was that!! WOW"

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