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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone

"Lighten our darkness, we beseech you oh Kibtek"

Residents in three streets in Karsiyaka are concerned that the lights in their streets have been out of action since the end of December.


Until recently, the lighting was the responsibility of Lapta Municipality, but has now been handed over to Kibtek to whom residents of the area pay 13.58tl per month, listed on bills as Sokak Aydinlatma Beledeli.

Ali Kose, The Voice, was in town

'All Night Long' was the number Ali Kose, a London Cypriot, chose to sing for the auditions of Turkey's version of 'The Voice'(O Ses Turkiye). He wowed the judges on the auditions on the 1st October and went on to be in the show, but sadly now knocked out of it.

Ali Kose

Murat Boz, Ebru Gündeş and Gökhan Özoğuz (Athena’s lead singer) were all keen to work with the talented 30-year-old Turkish Cypriot singer from Catford, southeast London. However Ali plumped for Hadise to be his mentor. She was the first to spin her chair around, facing Ali after just 36 seconds of his performance.

Iron gate at Ledra crossing removed

The beginning of January heralded  a positive move towards 'togetherness'  of North and South as on the 10th January the iron gate which had been installed at the northern side of the Ledra Street crossing was removed.
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North Cyprus 2013 property review

The BRS in association with MNCB (Making North Cyprus Better movement) have issued a 2013 property review to help ex pats. 
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Please help me, I need a home

I don’t know where I came from but I ended up in Esentepe on Monday 23rd December, alone, scared and very hungry. At first I would flinch at the slightest noise or movement. Mick and Edie started to feed me and have helped me to feel better and to trust humans again. 
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Yeşil Hat
Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil



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