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The Green Line
The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone


President Dr.Derviş Eroğlu has held a telephone conversation with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the latest situation reached in the talks on the joint declaration was discussed.

Ban Ki Moon - Kibkom Times North Cyprus News

The President also explained to the UN Secretary General the latest initiatives achieved by the Cyprus Turkish side with the knowledge and contribution of all the actors involved in the process.

Earthquake shakes Cyprus

An earthquake shook Cyprus at around 5.20pm on Saturday, which was felt all over the island. No casualties, injuries or damages were reported but many were frightened.

Earthquake Cyprus - Kibkom Times North Cyprus News

According to the European-Mediterranean Seismology Centre (EMSC), the epicentre of the 5.9-Richter quake was 208km North West of Nicosia off the coast of Turkey, in the bay of Antalya.

C-quals equals the season.

Among the many organizations that celebrated end of year, end of term, C-quals language school in Nicosia was one of them.
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Party time at Cheshire Home

Sevda Debbag was determined to share her birthday joy on the 30th December, so included the residents of the Cheshire Home in a party to remember for them, with great food that she stayed up all night cooking, aided by her son Kaya, music provided by Murat Renkli, and a visit from Noel Baba in the form of 'J.R.' all the way from Laptaland.
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'Royal family' moves on.

On 29th of December 2013 George was moved to his new permanent home where he will genuinely receive round-the-clock care...
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Yeşil Hat
Yesil Hat

Yesil Hat
Savasin Ortasinda Tatil



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