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The Green Line

The Green Line

Power to the people...

Electricity price increases

The minister of food, agriculture and energy, Onder Sennaroglu announced this week new electricity price increases up to 30% , as a part of a project that is aimed at achieving the sustainability of KIB-TEK. Sennaroglu said that “KIB-TEK” is facing “a serious crisis” and that problems are experienced in collecting its receivable debts from "institutions", "organizations" and "legal and natural entities".

According to Sennaroglu, “KIB-TEK” sells electricity in prices under the cost and argued that the situation is derived from the fact that the former “governments” took no measures in the past two years inspite of the increase of the fuel oil prices and dollar’s exchange rate. He said also that the debts of the “public institutions and organizations” as well as of the “municipalities” will be rearranged.

Sennaroglu said that a price increase of 18.42% is considered for consumption of 250 kilowatts per hour (KW/h), but the increase in the electricity bill will be 13.63%. For consumption over 250 kW/h, the price will be increased by 25%, 28.85% and 29.23% respectively. According to the new rates the price per one KW/h will be 19.2tl. The new prices will come into effect as of Monday 18 November 2013.

Should you pay these increases? State institutions do not pay, municipalities do not pay, luxury hotels do not pay, universities do not pay and those who are influential do not pay.

Ozkan Yorgancioglu stated that they had no other alternative and asked from the people to show “understanding”. “If there was no increase, the production would stop”, he said.



North Cyprus Remembers

As Big Ben sounded out the time (1p.m. here in Northern Cyprus) an estimated eight hundred people shared in remembering those who had given their lives so that others may live.

Remembrance Day
RBL Remembrance Ceremony - Photo by Keith Lloyd

The presentation was made by Lord Maginnis on behalf of a group of Cyprus Emergency Veterans who travel from the U.K every year for this special Remembrance Service.

I don't believe it!

Barnet Council passes anti-Turkish Cyprus motion. On November 5th, Barnet Council debated the following motion on the TRNC town of Güzelyurt.....
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Random Ramblings

While the current on/off /off “re-unification” talks are in process, there is always a good “ramble” to be found!
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Can an economist write literature?

"A Literary Look at the Cyprus Problem" was the subject of a fascinating talk given by Prof. OIzay Mehmet to an audience of nearly fifty people....
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Yeşil Hat
Yesil Hat


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