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The Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone

Eroglu: if the latest Turkish proposal is not accepted by the Greek Cypriots the “exercise for a joint statement” must end

President Dervis Eroglu has said that the TRNC had submitted its latest proposals to the Greek Cypriot side on Monday through the United Nations and added that in case this proposal is not accepted, the “exercise for a joint statement”, which has been continuing for almost two months, must end.


In a written statement issued on Tuesday, Eroglu said that this is a critical week for the solution of the Cyprus problem and added that today (Wednesday) he will meet with Alexander Downer, UN Secretary-General’s special adviser on Cyprus. Eroglu said he agrees with Ban Ki-moon’s message that the negotiations must resume from the point they had been left.

Alleging that the Greek Cypriot side had turned the issue of the joint statement into a precondition for the commencement of the negotiations, Eroglu claimed that the TRNC has submitted “many constructive and reconciliatory proposals” in order for a joint statement to be issued. He noted:

“We conveyed yesterday to the RoC through the UN our latest proposal in this direction. In case this is not accepted the exercise for a joint statement, which has been continuing for almost two months, must end. At the point we have come, we do not want to waste time. This is a test of sincerity. I want to once more make a call on the Greek Cypriot leader. Let us come to the table and continue the negotiations from the point they were left, making use of this opportunity in the days during which Mr Downer is on the island. For this reason, I have postponed my planned visit to London. The Turkish Cypriot side is ready to sit at the table immediately and it is sincere on the issue of finding a solution the soonest, in the first quarter of 2014”.

Eroglu said that there are six chapters in the negotiations and if anyone wants to add any other chapter, this should be discussed at the negotiating table. “An extra chapter could open only with our acceptance”, he noted adding: “We are ready to discuss at the negotiating table all chapters which we believe that have not been discussed. That is, the six chapters have the issues of security, territory and property. We have negotiated on the property issue for a very long period of time and put forward our criteria. We have put forward our criteria on the territory issue and we said that ‘only if agreement is reached on the other issues we will discuss the territory, because from the moment you open the territory issue for discussion, there will be unrest in the country. Why? Because people that will be relocated will come onto the agenda…”

Hydrocarbon resources have complicated the Cyprus issue

President Dervis Eroglu, delivering the opening speech of the “Neo-Liberalism Symposium” organised by the European University of Lefke last week, said: “I believe such studies that would be carried out by the ‘TRNC’ universities will provide a series of contributions to our world, our region and our country”.
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Random Ramblings

The Cyprus “settlement” talks were thought to start on 4th November, but they didn’t, despite the readiness of the Turkish Cypriot side to do so! The “problem” caused by the division of the island has existed for 39 years though the current Greek Cypriot politicians have only been in power since February 2013. Even so, it is astounding that they seem to have been caught by surprise at the possibility of the inclusion of these talks during their term of office! To me it is obvious that the Greek Cypriots have no intention of either starting or finishing the talks.
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