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The Green Line

The Green Line

Erdoğan: "Go live in the forest, we're building roads!"

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday noticed a placard stating: "We want forests not roads!".

He criticised the environmental activists, that were opposing the construction of a road through their forested campus at Ankara Mid East Tech University.

Road to be built by Erdogan - Kibkom Times NOrth Cyprus News

Erdogan stated that roads were what made civilisation and that they connect people. “Can something like that be? There are so many forests. You can’t get to your university if you have no roads. But if you want, we can send you to the forest. Go and live in forests, we're going to build roads!” demanded Erdogan.

Police had intervened repeatedly with tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators last week, similar to that of the Gezi Park incident back in June this year. Numerous complaints have been filed against the police alleging use of disproportionate force against protesters during the nationwide demonstrations that were sparked by a government plan to build on Istanbul's Gezi Park. An investigation has been launched into 32 police chiefs and 164 members of riot police units over alleged use of excessive force during the Gezi Park protests.

Riot Control Vehicle TOMA due to arrive in the TRNC - "We will not let it in!" says new PM.

TOMA - Kibkom Times North Cyprus News

Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu promised to prevent the ordered water cannons from entering the TRNC despite a standing order for the vehicles.

The first TOMA (Mass Incident Intervention Vehicle) is expected to arrive on the island at the end of this month. The order of the TOMA was originally placed by the TRNC security forces command in May earlier this year via the Economy Ministry. The request for the TOMA's did not become controversial until the eruption of the Gezi Park protests.
"It is not wanted here in the TRNC, if necessary, we will stand at customs and not let it in”, said Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu.

Apostolos Andreas Monastery Project - SIgned

Apostolos Andreas Monestery

A project for the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery has been signed.

Under the title “5-million Euro project”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper reports that the EVKAF religious foundation signed yesterday a protocol with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP-PFF) on the issue of restoring the occupied monastery of Apostolos (Saint) Andreas on the Karpaz peninsula. The 5-million Euro project was prepared by the Greek University of Patras and will materialise within the framework of the rules of the Technical Committee on the Cultural Heritage.

In statements after signing the protocol, Tiziana Zennaro, representative of UNDP-PFF said that they will try to cooperate for protecting Cyprus’ cultural heritage.

The director of EVKAF, Ibrahim Benter thanked everyone who contributed in this project and noted that they are proud of being a part of the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery, which he described as a part of Cyprus’ culture. He argued that they are in favour of the continuation of such projects.


Yeşil Hat

Yesil Hat


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