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The Green Line

The Green Line

Did you know that Cyprus was once two islands?

“Give him a big round of applause” said Mike Plant to his audience of 45 at the Mountain View Hotel, on Wednesday afternoon (11th Sept), gesturing towards the very successful ‘112’ afternoon tea speaker, Stuart Northage.


Mike shared that Stuart who had been persuaded at almost last minute to be substitute speaker had been full of stage fright, not having delivered a talk for some considerable time, although Stuart need never have worried as he enthralled his audience with his talk ‘Landscapes of North Cyprus’.

New Minister 'hailed as a miracle worker'

Following the report in the 1st Edition of KibkomTimes, regarding the new road at the Karpaz, all would appear to be well and the crossroads on the subject of transport from Erenkoy to Dipkarpaz has taken a turn for the better.

Ahmet Kasif

A new avenue has been opened up, with the pathway to the future made plain, with the decision being up everyone’s street, and all thanks to the new Minister of Transport Ahmet Kasif.

Have you ever been grabbed by the “isms”

We live in an enlightened age, or so we are told! We have supposedly taken on board the principle of equality. Your religious beliefs are for you alone and no more will we be victims of rac”ism”, sex”ism” or age”ism”.
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Coffee Cup Conversations

A new academic year has begun in the TRNC and for many children it's a time of excitement; for most it's a return to school after a long three month break.
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Kalkanli Monumental Olive Trees

There is a magical place waiting for you on the road from Tepebasi village to Lefke. This ancient olive grove is set in a stunning valley. There are over two thousand ancient olive trees here which were planted by the Lusignans in the 1200s. It is estimated that more than four hundreds of the trees are over five hundred years old. Some trees are so magnificent they have been named, and legends have been attached to them!  
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Yeşil Hat
Yesil Hat


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