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The Green Line

The Green Line

Two RAF Typhoons Violate TRNC Airspace

On 2nd Sept, two of the British Typhoons flew out of Akrotiri and over TRNC airspace to intercept unidentified planes in the Famagusta region.


Turkey scrambled two F-16 fighter jets from Incirlik airbase, to intercept the British Typhoons that had allegedly violated the airspace over the TRNC, but the Typhoons had returned to the RAF base before the Turkish F-16’s could reach North Cyprus.

Remember K5?

As property problems continue to feature in life in the TRNC, many people are wondering what further changes the new government might be making to ease the burdens under which some people live in terms of completing purchasing, getting their Kocans, solving boundary problems and waiting for conclusions to court cases.


It is very much appreciated by many that the previous government had taken steps to change the law to solve some of the outstanding property problems, and the British Residents Association have been involved in talks as has the Making North Cyprus Better movement.

It is these two organisations that have been strongly behind the group of house owners known as K5 as the houses are on a site known as Kolatsiz 5, since the houses were purchased in auction by a local bank, reclaiming the properties due to a loan taken out by the original land owner and the builder – since deemed to have been contrary to certain laws of the land.

Several court cases have ensued and with some victories and some losses the final outcome is yet to be resolved.


Every week we hear of restaurants and shops struggling to stay open and ultimately closing. The Government touts record tourism figures but where is everybody?
One place they seem to be is in the bigger hotels. The hoteliers are justifiably proud of their record occupancies, but is this the root cause of the problem?
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Where are the "Jewels of the Med"?

Because we live in North Cyprus, we have fantastic relationships with local businesses and personalities.
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Soyer Basketball Team in Britain

A tournament between players of the Soyer Basketball Club and the Manchester based team Wright Robinson College was arranged through Hakan Gokberg and Boraz Gazi – the latter two being friends but now living miles apart.
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