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The Green Line

Devastation at Yesilirmak

Devastation at Yesilirmak occurred this week as acres of ground was destroyed by fire.

Fire in Yesilirmak TRNC

Although approaching the village the burn does not look so bad. It is being said that it will take years to restore the area, which is near the crossing point to the South, to its former glory, especially bearing in mind there was a fire in 1996 which ravaged the area.

The Foreign Nationals -
“A night not to be missed!”

It’s those boys again – you can’t keep the Foreign Nationals down.

If you want to keep up with The Foreign Nationals, then get down to The Fez at Catalkoy on Saturday 31st August – 8p.m. until late.

The Foreign Nationals

Two devastating deaths in one weekend

Two devastating deaths in two days rocked the Turkish Cypriot communities of Esentepe and of Cayirova near Mehmetcik.
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“Başın sağolsun”

The recent death of a Turkish Cypriot in the TRNC has drawn to my attention that many Ex-Pats may be unaccustomed to the rituals regarding the death of a Muslim.
The following questions were posed to a friend:
- How should we respond to this tragedy?
- Should we go to the village to pay our respects?
- Would we be intruding?
- Should we send flowers to the family? Is this acceptable?
- What to do? What is the correct procedure?
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'Go forth and multiply!'

The prime minister or Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stands corrected by the head of the Social Security Institution (SGK). Yadigar Gökalp İlhan, the first female head of the SGK - Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu, and a mother of four, is now recommending that Turkish families have five children instead of the three that the Prime Minister has recently been suggesting.
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Yesil Hat


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