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Lemar’s Latest Market –
Alsancak’s gain

222 and not out!

Street markets have been with us in history ever since mankind had something to sell, and in many countries now they are not only places for a bargain but also a tourist attraction. Just think about Portobello, Camden and Borough street markets in London, and the famous Flea Market in Paris, and similar in many cities, towns and villages around the world all of which continue to flourish in spite of the increase in supermarkets and shopping malls.

Over the last few years North Cyprus has joined in this historical phenomena – some have come and some have gone while others grow, improve and change.

Selling Jewellery at the new Lemar Market - Alsancak

Each has its own special identity and many have the same stall holders peddling their wares and which have their fans who will follow them from East to West especially if there is a chance to meet friends and put the world right over a cuppa.

The Lemar supermarket store has recently combined their modern premises with the idea of an outside market which seems to be catching on fast, not only increasing the takings in the store itself, but giving stall holders further opportunities of peddling their wares. The latest in these is at the newish store at Alsancak, near the Golden Lady. There is a day market – Mondays from 10a.m. to 3p.m. and then an evening one on Fridays, from 6.p.m. to 10p.m.into which lighting has just been installed.

Several of the stall holders had been part of the growingly successful Bamboo Beach Market, which came to a sudden and unexpected end and although they miss the smell of the beautiful briny sea, they are happy to be in a busy, buzzing place once more and under cover away from the current searing sun.
Currently, the market has a wide selection of goods – quality second hand clothing; jewellery both handmade and imported; antiques of pots and other items (Ian Long has a few items to tantalise before they go into auction ); Martin has his tiles and wonderful recycled plastic flowers with everything made from old plastic bottles (one posy of which adorns the desk of Mr Talat, former President of the TRNC), brand new sandals just right for the weather; toiletries, plants (Sue is there to advise as well as sell),Steve Sydenham has his bargain books of a very wide choice to be enjoyed at beach, bar, or armchair; Maxine of the ready smile, offers her handmade items; Ingrid sells delightful donuts and other cakes which she claims are calorie free; other homemade goodies are available, and then of course there are CD’s , household goods and more. None of these items can be found inside the store and so complement what is on sale inside.

Wendy Murphy, of the Levent Foods Ltd , oversees the administration of the event and even takes the stall holders orders for refreshments, ensuring they have no problems. She helps to maintain the happy, friendly atmosphere which prevails.

In fact if anyone has any queries on this market or the one at Catalkoy Lemar, which is Wednesday, and Saturday day time, and Thursday evening, they are invited to contact her on 0392 824 5566.

Handsome Hat
Handsome Hat
A variety of items on sale
Stall at Lemar Market
Stall holder at Lemar Market ready to sell
Home made sausage rolls and Cypriot pastries

Steve Sydenham
Steve Sydenham in 7th Heaven
Shy Jasmin
Shy Jasmin
Sue sells her succulents
Tony Woods
Tony Woods a well known local bargains hunter
Youthful bargain hunters
Ian Long
Ian Long selling antiques
Maxine with her special pieces
Ingrid sells delectable doughnuts
with sweet little helper
Sandalls at great prices

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