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The Green Line

Stranded on an Island of Love
By Marion Stuart

Steve Sydenham is well known for selling books, even though his past was of a faster nature in the motor racing scene. However, when he decides to do something, he races on into it, and sells it to the best of his ability, and he is doing just that at the moment for a couple named Hi and Yen.
Steve Sydenham

The sudden closure of Bamboo beach had a devastating effect on many, but none more so than Hi and Yen from Vietnam who had come to North Cyprus to earn money to send home for their son, and to make a better life for themselves. Sadly, their dreams were shattered as they lost their work, had no work permit and were owed money. The only real chance is to return to Vietnam and salvage their lives. To find employment here again seemed impossible so Hi managed to find enough to go back to try to find employment so they can start to rebuild their lives in Vietnam but there is not enough in the kitty for Yen.

Lemar’s Latest Market – Alsancak’s gain

Street markets have been with us in history ever since mankind had something to sell, and in many countries now they are not only places for a bargain but also a tourist attraction.
Steve Sydenham

Just think about Portobello, Camden and Borough street markets in London, and the famous Flea Market in Paris, and similar in many cities, towns and villages around the world all of which continue to flourish in spite of the increase in supermarkets and shopping malls.

KAR Needs Mothers

An urgent appeal by Kyrenia Animal Rescue [KAR] has been received.

Ten orphaned puppies need feeding. They were only two days old when orphaned, and the owner of the pups desperately wants them to survive but finding hand rearing all ten is too time consuming. They need feeding and toileting every two to three hours.

This appeal is now a few days old, but KAR may still need help with this. What is needed is a bitch that recently had pups and may have lost all of some of them, but still has milk, or that may take an orphan to her ‘bosom’.

Anyone who can help, please contact Sue on
0533 831 8508
. This help is not required permanently, but to help keep the pups alive until then they be found new homes and/or given back to the owner.

EMBARGOED! news from the man in the hot seat.

Since the group became active in 2005 after the Annan Plan referendum the embargoes still remain in place, but chinks of light are appearing. Our group has helped to mould the current international landscape, which is now far more sympathetic to the cause of the Turkish Cypriots.
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Increase in new cases coming through the door each week

The challenges on the organisation Tulips/Help those with cancer, and the work that they do has meant some changes with the administration in order to effectively cope with the increase on their work load. The number of new patients that walk through the door of this charity does not seem to diminish; several new ones every week with many of them being ex pats.
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222 and not out! And jumping mad!

‘Madness’ is the word currently being used to describe three pensioners, David Ray, Don Attwood and Alan Peek as they have booked to do a paragliding ‘jump’ in aid of K.A.R.
In spite of the appellations of a somewhat negative kind, the three intrepid ‘geriatrics;’s enthusiasm to raise money for their favourite charity is in no way diminished.
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Yesil Hat


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