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Tina's Trabez
by Tina McCreath

Nectarines (the hairless peach!) are arriving at the markets now they epitomize summer I think with their sweet juicy taste. And they are also good for you. They are light and juicy but are very nutritious as well. Nectarines are low in calories and fat, and full of vitamins and fibre as well as antioxidants. Nectarines are a good dessert for people who want to lose weight, and they are a good snack for any time.


A medium-sized nectarine has only 62 calories. Small nectarines have about 50 calories, and large ones can have up to 80 calories.

Here are some pretty simple recipes for them, although of course they are just as nice eaten fresh!

Nectarine Basil Salsa



1 ripe, juicy nectarine
1½ tablespoons diced red onion
1½ teaspoons minced jalapeno (seeds and ribs removed)
½ teaspoon lime or lemon juice
½ teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
4 fresh basil leaves


Dice the nectarine. Add sugar if the nectarine isn't very juicy and let sit for a few minutes. Add red onion and minced jalapeño. Stir in honey and lime juice. Add a sprinkle of salt or sugar (or both) depending on how you want it to be flavoured. Just before serving, cut basil into ribbons and sprinkle over the top.

Honey Baked Nectarines with Vanilla and Brown Sugar

honey Nec


3 whole Nectarines, Ripe
3 Tablespoons Honey Plus Extra For Drizzling
1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence Or A Vanilla Pod, Seeds Scraped
3 teaspoons Brown Sugar
6 Tablespoons Yoghurt, Natural

Set oven temperature to 180 C.
Cut nectarines in half. Remove stones and place cut nectarines on a baking paper lined oven proof dish/rimmed pan with the cut side facing up. Drizzle honey, vanilla, and a sprinkle of brown sugar on top.

Bake for 15 minutes, then remove the dish from the oven and scoop up the juices and baste the nectarines with the juice. Then put the dish back in the oven and bake for a further 15 minutes or until golden and sticky.
Serve with yoghurt, drizzled with honey.

Tina McCreath
Tina McCreath


Vanilla Nectarine Agua Fresca
A delicious non alcoholic drink but you could always add some if you wish


Serves 2

3 nectarines, rinsed and sliced (about 3 cups)
2 cups cold water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon sugar
Ice (optional)

Combine the nectarines and 1 cup of water in a blender. Purée on high speed until smooth. Strain, if desired, and return the juice to the blender. Add the vanilla extract, sugar, and remaining water, and blend. Serve chilled or over ice.

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