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Ozankoy Football Fund Raiser - a great success
by Marion Stuart

Joe Efe is more than a football coach, and on the night of a special fund raising dinner for the Ozankoy Football Club, he proved himself to be a 'Washer Up First Class'.

Six hundred plates had to be washed in preparation for the two hundred and twenty people that attended the outdoor event in the centre of Ozankoy on the 21st August, following the regular two hour training session.

Ozankoy dinner

Guests were charged 65tl but for that got fed, watered and given a free raffle ticket. Present at the event which raised between 14 to 16,000tl towards the Club's annual expenses, was the Mayor of Girne who promised the Club that they would have new changing rooms soon. The bulldozers are already at the site and it was stated that the rooms would be done before the beginning of the Season in September.

"The mayor also promised us three and a half thousand lira towards club expenses" said Joe as he gave thanks for the generosity of the Municipality and also to companies such as Soydan Garage who gave 2,500tl, and Cola who gave the drinks,  and individuals who gave varying sums of 100 to 200tl. 'I would like to say thank you to everyone for their efforts and contributions to the evening'.

Ozankoy dinner

Among those who contributed was Mustafa Garabini who cooked  along with ten ladies to produce an excellent spread of hot and cold mezes, together with chicken, potatoes, rice and salad. The glasses for the evening were loaned by one of the local hotels, and the council restaurant loaned

the six hundred plates which Joe helped to wash prior to use.  A local farmer gave all the potatoes and vegetables,  and the melons and Efes beer was also donated.  Erdener Supermarket gave the white cheese, Tamak gave all the water.

The evening had entertainment in the form of a duo on organ and violin with a singer, followed by a belly dancer, and with three beautiful young ladies in football gear as ushers, the night had a glamour way beyond the football pitch.

Ozankoy dinner

Some speeches from dignitaries, and commemorative plaques were handed out to all the Chairman since 1956.  Joe gave a gift from the football coaches and players to the Chairman and his wife  and the event which started at 8p.m. did not finish until 2a.m, with a very weary but happy Joe getting home at 3.30a.m.

But as Joe explained it was worth it. "We need 250,000tl each year to run the Club" he said. This staggering sum is used as 26,000tl for referee fees, 15,000 for registration fees, 5,000 for medical insurance, (all players must have a medical before they can kick a ball), players wages is the largest amount, and with twenty players it amounts to around 20,000tl each month. Then there are electric bills, and this is around 40,000tl a season and includes the cost of the floodlights at evening matches. Even the aspect of the water that is needed to be drunk adds around 500tl a season. On top of this can be special medical expenses such as when players may break a leg or sustain some other injury.

"Then there is the cost of footballs, boots, kits etc" said Joe, adding how grateful he is to organisations such as KibKom and the

Little Society of Kyrenia for providing funds for much of the kits.

Joe is hoping that the season will start with his teams all ready for action. "What they need is the killer instinct" says Joe. "They are about 60% ready so far, but they need to work harder so they are ready to climb back to the top of the league. But I am very encouraged so far"

The party evening was enjoyed by all and deemed to be a great success and Joe said that maybe they will have a similar event around Christmas or the New Year.

Meanwhile, it is back to nightly training for the teams, which Joe is very happy to do, as long as he is not faced with those six hundred plates again soon!  What he is keen to have are extra players. Any young lads who are keen to train, or at least try training, they are welcome to go along to the training sessions, as long as their parents have residency of some kind. Any enquiries may be made to Joe on 0533 848 0857.


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