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Dog Tales of TRNC

A not so Rott(y)en ending - an exceedingly good tail wagging tale.
by Marion Stuart

No one likes a 'ticking off', but Zac the Rottweiller does.  After about one hundred big fat juicy tics had been removed, there were one hundred little ones to go, and Zac was delighted. 


Zac in fact in a matter of a couple of days has become famous, almost island wide. His brown eyes, mournful expression and shiny black hair have attracted a lot of media attention . His face has been on social networks, and the story of his rescue has been read by Facebook fans globally.

Attention was the thing he first attracted as Karsiyaka Turtle Watch walkers looking for turtle tracks and ensuring that the nests are unmolested, found Zac, who at the time had no name, and whatever home he may have had, was replaced with a chain tied to a pole by a sunbed on the beach at Guzelyali. Tied up with no food or water.


KAR was approached, and it was then discovered that under new legal requirements, Lapta has chosen to deal with all stray dogs itself and KAR 's help was not needed. A phone call to the municipality meant the dog would be collected on the Monday, and this was only Friday. The dog was moved to the other side of the road, given water and some food, and then frantic messages started to fly. Fear was in the hearts of many that come Monday when he would be collected, it might mean the end of his young (about a year old) life. What compound could he be taken to? Would someone give him a home?

Well, yes someone did, and all thanks to Facebook and the Kibkom Forum, with a touch of emails thrown in. Zac, as he is now called, is living very happily with  two special people he now calls mum and dad, Karen and Don of Karsiyaka.


There is almost a sense of destiny in this all, for  Karen had recently lost a very special Rottweiler so when she took a look at Zac, she lost her heart straight away.  He has been checked by the vet, and has received great loving care with his 'ticking off'. Karen reports that it was an ongoing task to get rid of them. Apart from those taken off on day one, he was sprayed after his check up, and left in the bathroom which has become his own special bedroom, the following morning there were 'boated female bodies' and various other tiny corpses of unwanted hangers on, and Karen estimates that there were several hundred of the little ones.  The result of this is that his blood is not quite up to standard, and as Karen says " they have been eating him alive!" She maintains that had Zac not been found on day one, the chances of him surviving were negligible.

One look at the sad creature tied up and the happy one a few days later, complete with yellow ball in his mouth, tells the tale of a rescue operation with great results. The vet has declared him disease free, and it is just a question of recovering from the anemia.

And the name Zac? Nothing to do with a shortened version of Zachariah, but because Karen is Australian it is short for Anzac, a name that is very special to Australians.  Karen is a much travelled Australian, originating from Brisbane, and married to an American, but she seems to get to choose pet's names. The boxer the family brought with them eight years ago, was Ned Kelly (the famous Australian larakin). The Rottweiller who was three years old was called Matilda, and according to Karen "We lost her only two months ago, so we were not ready at all for another dog. But my husband said last night 'God knows how to heal a broken heart'.

So, Zac has found his saviours in Karen and Don but he is also saviour to their broken hearts. His backgorund will be forever a mystery, but it is believed he had an owner and was a pet. "He knows several commands, recognises and walks on a lead has really good manners, is gentle and loving.." said Karen, adding "He got in the car and the ride home was no problem at all. He sat and lay through one significant scrubbing and whilst we pulled more than one hundred ticks off him, not a murmur."

email facebook Zac

As a clarification on the new policy concerning Lapta and stray dogs, KAR issued a  statement and this  is given below. In the meantime another group of people have got together with the idea of becoming a registered organization to help with strays in areas outside the reach of Kyrenia Animal rescue, and to complement the work that KAR is doing.  They have already collected money, and fed some dogs in Famagusta, and their story will be told next week.  Lapta, of course and possibly other municipalities are obeying the government edict that they look after strays in their area. What appears to be lacking as yet, are the compounds and facilities to care for these dogs when rounded up. Plans are in hand to ensure these compounds are built.


The new policy by Lapta Municipality has done Zac a favour. Had he been taken away by KAR, Karen may never have met him, he may well not have received such a loving 'ticking off' and it is unlikely that in less than a week he would have gone from dire circumstances to 'paradise'.

From: [email protected]
Re: Lapta Municipality

KAR are very sorry to advise residents who live within the above area that they will no longer be able to help with abandoned dogs and/or dogs needing neutering in that area.
This is a decision that has not been taken lightly but it follows Lapta municipality's decision to take responsibility for the stray dogs in their own boundary area. They now have their own "stray dog control programme" which they have organised and are running with no input/advice or help from KAR. There have been reports that Lapta is collecting dogs in their area, including KAR Tag dogs, and those dogs are never seen again. These reports are unsubstantiated as yet but are too many to ignore. No one knows what has happened to the collected dogs - but rumours are rife !!!!

By law the local Belediye who are removing stray dogs from the streets have to take them  to a safe place for an initial 10 days (during which they should try and find an owner) - after that they should be held for a further 20 days(during which a new home is hoped to be found). After the 30 days the dogs should be neutered, vaccinated and then "live" (somewhere in the Belediye's area - compounds are likely) safely for the rest of their days.
There are very strict laws regarding the circumstance under which it is legal for a dog to be put to sleep/killed which the Belediye and vets have to abide by.

KAR hope that you appreciate that it cannot continue to spend time and money to neuter dogs and return them to the streets of Lapta only for them to be "rounded " up and disappear under the program being run by Lapta Belediye.

All abandoned, dumped and/or stray dogs in the Lapta area should be reported to Lapta Belediye on 0392 8218327 or 0392 8211691. However any such reports to the Belediye may well be dealt with under their "Control programme" and the dogs may never be seen again.

KAR appreciate that this decision will impact on the residents and dogs of Lapta but feel that at the moment they have no choice. Residents reporting cases to Lapta Belediye should ask as many questions as possible to try and determine how their reported case will be dealt with.

If any resident has knowledge of any dogs suddenly disappearing or that are collected and removed by Lapta Belediye, can they please let KAR know as they are trying to compile a structured and reliable report into the situation in Lapta.





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