KKT North Cyprus News              Issue no. 55                                                                Thu 28th Aug 2014 


LifE in the TRNC

On the Spot with Karsiyaka Turtle Watch
by Tricia Dann

This past week has been one that produced a mixed bag of events, good and bad. 

One good event was that there were a surprisingly good number of hatchlings from the nest named 'Becca' which was vandalised just last week.  From the fifty two eggs which were laid in the nest, forty nine of them hatched.  A wonderful end to a story that could have been so different and very negative.

Rubbish! Too much of it!  See from the photo. At least this amount of plastic rubbish is collected from Guzelyali beach daily by KTW, but this week the added string discarded by the pipeline workers from the pipes which has been laid out to the west side of the walls. More work is about to commence as boats have returned. We are fearful that this rubbish will increase, and not only is it a danger to wildlife, but also not a pretty sight for tourists.


In the circumstances the Karsiyaka Turtle Watch is about to invite the DSI to sponsor a HUGE beach cleanup including underwater before winter comes with the heavy tides. It would be a great contribution to the environment, and perhaps  we could even persuade them to sponsor a new beach sign for us asking ‘not to leave litter on the beach!’

Some of the things left on the beach are far from being rubbish.  In fact they can be very precious.  Last  Friday  morning, the beach walkers discovered a big black bundle on the end of a piece of chain which had been attached to a parasol. This Rottweiler had been left with no food or water.  Thankfully a member of the Watch came to its rescue, and the full story is told on page 13  making a very happy ending to what could have been a tragedy.


And a final reminder - Don’t forget Turtle Fun Day, Tue 2nd Sept. from 10.00 – 16.00 and follow KTW on Facebook for nest updates.  We have four more nests to hatch and if you haven't seen those hatchlings rushing off to sea before, it is an experience you should make your own.

Any queries, do telephone me, Tricia Dann on 0533 846 9563

Roll up, roll up - get your ticket for a lucky break

Wednesday 10th September could be the day that you have won a holiday or flights. Of course you will need to have bought a ticket from Kyrenia Animal Rescue or one of its representatives as these are the two main prizes in their Grand Summer Draw.

There is still time to get a ticket, but time is running out fast, as the draw is less than two weeks' ahead, by 7p.m. on the evening of the 10th September at the Pia Bella Hotel two people will discover just how lucky they are. First will win a week's holiday for two at the Pia Bella on half board, including flights from Stanstead, and the second will have two return flights Ercan/Stanstead, plus, of course other prizes, all worth having.

Tickets are still on sale - but not for much longer - at Lambousa Saturday Market, KAR office Karakum, Supermarket begs, the Rescue Centre and many people who are supporters of KAR.

A reminder that KAR is always in need of funding as the number of animals at Arapkoy grows, the cost of feeding grows, the cost of the Let Them Live and caring for street dogs, the need for new kennels, and only this week an unexpected fire in the kitchen at Arpakoy posed another challenge for the volunteers.

By buying a ticket to get a holiday break, you can be giving our four legged friends a break on life's path.

Hurry, hurry hurry - that winning number could be yours! But only if you actually buy a ticket!!!

The Green Line

Fun Day



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