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LifE in the TRNC

Girne Ice Bucket challenge in aid of street animals
By Marion Stuart

The Ice Bucket Challenge has not only gone viral, but has changed direction somewhat, in that globally people are accepting the challenge  and giving to the charity of their choice. 

Marion Stuart Marion Stuart

Famous stars of the silver screen have also done their part, with the most sensible being Patrick Stewart who is seen signing a cheque and then placing some ice into a glass, adding Scotch and drinking it.  He has taken the original path of donating instead of being punished with a dousing.


However, this ice bucket challenge has now taken on the role of awareness as much as giving, and one resident of Northern Cyprus, best known for her yoga teaching, is publicly showing people just what it means to cover oneself in freezing icy water in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of the many street dogs, dumped dogs and strays across the island.  In addition to raising that awareness she hopes "....to  raise funds to feed and help them along the way."

A group of friends, which has now risen to over five hundred in number, have setup an awareness campaign on Facebook born chiefly out of the new government ruling whereby each municipality has to make plans to cope with the increasing number of strays, and in many instances compounds are to be made to house these dogs while it is ascertained as to whether they have owners before other measures are taken.

Lapta Municipality has already set plans in motion and the Kyrenia Animal rescue charity is no longer needed to help in this area, but is very heavily committed to working with the Girne municipality to cope with animals in the streets, and carry out its catch and neutering programme under the 'Let them Live' campaign started a year or so ago.

However, other areas, such as Famagusta and other outlying areas do not have the staff or the facilities to adequately cope with the care and feeding of these strays, hence the campaign to raise funds and raise the health levels.

So in comes Stephanie with her Ice Bucket Challenge and she throws down the gauntlet (or the paw cover)   to all to come and support her on Saturday morning the 30th August in the centre of Girne by the Municipality office and the bars, at around 11.30a.m.

Cool Dog
One cool dog!

As Stephanie undertakes the challenge herself, she says " It will be open to everyone to either take part, sponsor or observe.  But if you want to take part please bring your own bucket, water and lots of ICE !!!!"

For those who would like to resist the ice bucket challenge, or who may not be in Girne on Saturday, there is an opportunity to donate money at a special online donation page and this can be found on http://www.gofundme.com/dfajg4.  Stephanie asks that if you help in this way that you mention that your donation is related to the 'Mass Ice Bucket Event'.

Remember that , as stated by one of the group of friends who are supporting the North Cyprus Stray Dogs, " https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/y4/r/-PAXP-deijE.gifThe animal welfare in North Cyprus is well below that of the western world. The lucky strays in Kyrenia may end up at the KAR Rescue Centre which is run with no government funding. However, for all the strays outside that area there is little  hope!"

Every raising of awareness helps to encourage people to help in whatever way they can until such time as the problem may be solved. Stephanie's Ice Bucket Challenge is but one step (albeit it, a cold one) in the direction of hope.

Want to learn more as to why Stephanie doing this,  then she would be happy to hear from you on 0533 845 0640.  She would be happy if you come to watch her get cool on a hot Saturday morning, as long as you think of the animals who need some tender loving care, food and water. 

Reggae raises 'roof' and 1615tl for Children in Need

Another successful fund raiser for the Children in Need Foundation was held at the Habana Pool Bar on Saturday 23rd August  where one hundred and five people enjoyed a Reggae Night .

Laurence Floyd reports that the evening raised 1,615tl from entrance fees, and a Lucky Dip, combined with a 'human fruit machine' (not fully explained), with entertainment from singer5 Sarah Cox and DJ Lee Hickens.

"This effort was timely as Mally Torris (CiNF chairperson) is in process of authorising and processing another 10,000TL of foodstuffs and baby essentials to be delivered to the Foodbank, currently housed in the Social Services Ministry building" stated Mr Floyd, adding "These supplies are essential as there is an increasing need for these supplies from women and children who have been abandoned by their husbands, and require these basics urgently."

If anyone has any enquiries about the work of Children in Need Foundation, or wishes to learn more of any future plans, they are welcome to contact Mr Floyd on  0533 879 6892


Coffee Cup Conversations
By Can Gazi

Can Gazi
Can Gazi

The Northern coast of the island of Cyprus, like the rest of the country, is rapidly developing  and is host to a variety of hotels, restaurants and housing estates. The 'new' tarmac road stretching east of Girne can take you comfortably all the way to the Karpaz peninsula in just a couple of hours. With mountains to one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, the route is a winding yet scenic one. There are many coastal and mountain villages, and perched by the sea, not too far from Tatlısu, is a special little location called Roots Bar.


I was, once again, fortunate enough to meet recently with mother and daughter duo of Tina and Hannah Luckhurst. Tina and her husband have a passion for sailing and it wasn't long before their travels on the water brought them to North Cyprus. After settling on the island some six years ago they were closely followed by their daughter Hannah, who after falling in love with the island on a trip here visiting her parents, decided to move out permanently three years ago. Hannah and her partner Ash now run the reggae themed Roots Bar and are very proud of its success. "We wanted to offer something different to the locals of the area. When I first arrived here, aside from a couple of restaurants, there wasn't a lot to do, or many places to go to, in the evenings, so we decided to establish a bar that would offer a friendly welcome to those wanting to relax and enjoy a nice evening out", explains Hannah.

roots bar

Roots has become more than just a bar serving your favourite cocktails, with stunning views of the sun setting over the sea included in the bargain! It's the centre of the community and a regular haunt with both the locals and tourists alike. Hannah tells me that she arranges live music nights, with different groups and musicians performing regularly; in fact she has helped launch the careers of some very talented people.

Whilst Tina is, quite rightly, very proud of her daughter's achievements, she herself is a hard working lady with a generous heart. Tina and Hannah are part of the Roots Ramblers walking group. This informal gang of friends from all walks of life enjoy coming together on a regular basis to explore the beauty of the area as they follow the numerous mountain trails open to the public. During the humid Cypriot summer months, when the weather gets too hot to walk, the group prefer to dive into the crystal blue waters at the beach just below Roots Bar. This is when "Aquarobics" sessions become the flavour of the month. The water aerobics sessions are held every Thursday at 3pm, and everyone is invited to splash around and have fun in the water. Tina tells me it's not unusual to see the local children diving into the sea and playing around whilst the dedicated "Aqua Gang" work out in the Mediterranean.

On a more serious note, Tina and Hannah both love their adopted home town and whenever possible try to support the underprivileged kids in the village. For example, as schools prepare to open their doors to a new academic year in a couple of weeks, some youngsters don't even have proper shoes on their feet. Tina and Hannah raise money by collecting donations from the Ramblers and Aqua Gang, and the money is then spent on the kids. The Roots Ramblers will resume their walks in the cooler autumn months, and this year Tina has arranged a special event to kick start the season. The Three Castle Ridge Challenge will take place between the 2nd and 4th of October, and is an adventurous walk that will start at Kantara Castle and conclude at Saint Hilarion. The event will involve camping in the mountains overnight and there will be the chance to savour some stunning views of the whole island.

Both Tina and Hannah are warm and welcoming hosts, and their dream of offering 'something different' in the Tatlısu area has come true. Roots Bar, which also offers catering and special decorations for wedding and birthday parties, can easily be found on Facebook, as can a special page for the Roots Ramblers group. For more information Tina Luckhurst can be reached on the mobile 0533 8776823.



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