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Shock News for Cancer Patients
by Marion Stuart

The biggest cancer charity in Northern Cyprus, Tulips (Help Those with cancer),  has been informed by the Government that the contract with the Near East Hospital for treating patients at a special price, referred to them by the charity has come to an end and is not being renewed.

Raziye Kocaismail, her staff and several patients are deeply concerned, and are still in conversation with the Government to find another local answer for help. Currently the Government is stating that it will assist patients by sending them to Turkey for treatment, paying for the transport and treatment.  However, questions as not yet answered concern those who cannot or will not travel as well as the cost of the expense of accommodation for any long term treatment, plus what family members could accompany the patients. 


Raziye's deep concern for all connected with the charity that she founded, means she will not give up until she has answers. Earlier in the week she stated that letters would be given to all Ministers, the Parliament, the Turkish Embassy, Military parties, asking them all to "sort out this problem for the sake of the patients".

Alongside this crushing news comes a ray of light, as the Government is planning to build a new, fifty six bed oncology hospital in the grounds of the Lefkosia State Hospital, with money promised by the Turkish Embassy. At the moment there is no date given for the completion of this work, and as pointed out by Mrs Kocaismail, the vital need is an oncologist, and if no one suitable is found to staff the hospital, then patients will still continue to suffer by the inadequate medical coverage required.

The response from the Minister of Health was to reassure Tulips that the Ministry was "trying their best to bring an oncologist from Turkey, but that it is very difficult to find someone." For Raziye there is still the deep concern that no building can solve the problem of the patients' needs.

The discussions will continue until Tulips can give a full and complete answer to their patients, and until that happens, Raziye has cancelled several trips to ensure she is here on the island to find answers to minimise this shock news and to be able to reassure all patients that they can get the help they so desperately need.


The Green Line

Time doesn't heal
by Ceylan Hassan

Ceylan Hassan
Ceylan Hassan

Time's a healer they say, but as I've grown older I don't think that's necessarily true. Time may heal an open wound, it may also heal damaged land but there are some things time won't heal, like the pain you go through after losing a loved one. Sunday 24th August, marked exactly a year since losing a very special friend in my life and when the world lost one of the greatest people I knew. He was a friend who was honestly always smiling, as I write this his favourite band plays on my iTunes. God put a smile upon your face, He really did put a smile upon yours.

Every time I think of you, that beautiful, infectious smile of yours makes me smile and fills my eyes with tears.


I wish I could turn back time to let you know how special and treasured you was and still are. Adem, I can't remember you ever being upset or seeing you down- that's so inspiring handsome. When the tears come streaming down your face cos you lose something you can't replace, lights will guide you home... I want you to know that you're thought of every second of every moment of every day.  I'm away as I write and wish I could of been with everyone on Saturday and Sunday. One year on and time hasn't made it any easier to believe.

Time isn't a healer, but a movement which forces us to carry on.

Adem, remember our last conversation at Hat's birthday a few years ago? We spoke for at least an hour about taking photos and you advised me to go up Camden and Brick Lane. A few months back, I did and took almost 200 photos, you were right, I loved it Adz. Every tear, every tear, every teardrop is a waterfall..that's what it certainly feels like. Adem, I could write all day but I'm lost for words again and I don't know what to write anymore.

What a blessing it was to know you for as long as I did. The last time we saw each other was at TGI's and even at work, you laughed and joked with us. You're in my heart, thoughts and prayers always. Love you always my dear friend.


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