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New Zealand Esquires Coffee to compete with Aussie Gloria Jeans in TRNC
by Tony Woods

Başpınar Co. Ltd, a wheat processing and milling company with interests in fast food and property development, has bought the Esquires Coffee House franchise for North Cyprus.

Tony Woods
Tony Woods

esquires coffee

Offering Fairtrade coffee, speciality tea and gourmet hot chocolate the original Esquires Coffee House was founded in Canada in 1993 with the global franchising business now owned globally by New Zealand-based Cooks Global Foods Limited and by Retail Food Group in Australasia. The North Cyprus franchise deal will include the rights for five Esquires Coffee Houses with the first branch planned to open in Nicosia in November.


“The move into Cyprus presents a good growth opportunity for the company,” said Stuart Deeks, Director of Business Development at Cooks Global Foods Limited. The company uses only Fairtrade and organic products; something Cooks Chairman Keith Jackson said provides a point of difference in the coffee industry. Of course, Esquires Coffee House will be in direct competition with the established Australian chain Gloria Jeans.

Esquires Coffee

No warning given as plug pulled on BRTK by KIB-TEK

BRTK Director Mete Tumerkan said that KIB-TEK gave them no warning before switching off BRTK’s electric supply but he will now take a step to pay the debt as soon as possible. It is understood that BRT owes KIB-TEK 800 thousand TL. Obviously the company receives bills just the same as us lowly peasants, but Tumerkan said: “We didn’t receive a written warning.” He said that the institution’s financiers are doing what was required to processes payment of the debt.

Natural gas is prime incentive for Turkey and Turkish Cypriots to solve Cyprob

Speaking to Greek daily Alithia Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades said that South Cyprus has been approached by Turkish energy companies about natural gas supplies from the South’s exclusive economic zone. He said that at present natural gas is the prime incentive for Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots to solve the Cyprus problem. Turkey’s priority these days, Anastasiades said, was not the EU but energy supplies for its developing ”

industries. As both Cyprus and Israel are the closest sources of energy that Turkey could tap into it would be at a low cost. Turkish companies had also sounded out the possibility of supply pipelines. He admitted that South Cyprus could sell energy from its own deposits to Turkey in the future, if and when Ankara contributes to the solution of the Cyprus problem. He pledged to achieve a political settlement before his term in office expires in February 2018 and said: The objective is not to have winners and losers but to find a solution that will be acceptable to Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots alike, which will provide for a single state, that would safeguard peace and security within the EU.

No ‘oncologists’ in the TRNC at present

During speeches made at the turf cutting ceremony held at the Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in Lefkoşa for the new Oncology Hospital it was described as an “important step in the fight against cancer”. Mehmet Muezzinoğlu, the Turkish Health Minister, was at the event where attention was drawn to the lack of staff at the existing centre and that there are no oncologist in the country to treat cancer patients. The lack of experienced oncology experts, it was explained, has been covered by internal diseases specialists from Turkey. The successful bidder, Tüfekci Construction, signed the contract on 18th July with the 10.6 million TL building expected to be completed in July 2015 when the staffing problem is due to be resolved allowing paediatric oncology treatments and radiotherapy services to be given at the new fifty-six bedunit.

Ahmet Gülle, the present TRNC Health Minister, said that the new hospital will provide treatment for cancer patients from all over of Northern Cyprus: “It will be equipped to high-standard with paediatric oncological treatment facilities, radiotherapy services and a six-bed intensive care unit.” An additional protocol will be signed that will allow the Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital to cooperate with and to become a ‘sister hospital’ to the Antalya Education and Research Hospital thus allowing the new centre to contribute to the TRNC’s health care system.

RoC Government looking into Irish offer to help ailing Airways

Ryanair boss, Michael O’ Leary, has presented the Greek Cypriot Government of South Cyprus with proposals that could help the ailing airline to get back on its feet. Outside of the ongoing process to find a strategic investor he claimed on Friday that Ryanair could help develop Cyprus Airways business by adding new routes and more flights. While the RoC government said it would look into suggestions that he says would increase passenger numbers to three million per annum and create new jobs, they need to check to see if the proposal meets their expectations. O’Leary told the media: “From Ryanair’s point of view there is a very exciting future for Cyprus Airways where I believe, with the help of Ryanair, we could put Cyprus Airways and Cyprus’ tourism back on a path of a very much renewed and rapid growth, with new roots, more flights and new jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers here in Cyprus.” In explaining that the Ryanair plan would see the company growing from 500 thousand passengers last year, to about three million passengers over the next three to four years he accepted that the proposal was a lengthy one and would require careful scrutiny by the Government.

Eroğlu states Anastasiades does not want a resolution

Speaking to the press on Sunday, Derviş Eroğlu, the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, said that a solution to the island’s problem is not possible as long as the European Union and the US see the Greek Cypriots as the only legitimate representative of the island. He added that the Greek Cypriots are not trying to settle the decades-long conflict with Turkish Cypriots: “Although Greek [Cypriots] want to be seen as the side that strives to compromise at the table, they demand unacceptable things in which sovereignty, rights and freedoms of Turks [Cypriots] would be removed. As long as they are seen as the only legitimate representative on the island by Americans and Europeans, Greeks will always be reluctant to the solution because they have nothing to lose.”


He accused the island’s Greek Cypriot administration with expecting the Turkish Cypriots to tolerate unacceptable demands that the Greek side continues to make. In an interview with Daily Sabah in May, he stressed that the sincerity of the Greek Cypriots is the most essential thing for a solution to the Cyprus Problem. He complained that they act as though they do not want an agreement, saying: “The negotiations have been ongoing these past 40 years, and with the exception of the Guarantor Countries, every issue has been discussed. By ignoring the past years of negotiations, the Greek Cypriots are playing for time. However, I do believe that if the Greek Cypriots were serious about a peace agreement, this could be implemented on the island in a matter of months.”


During a recent meeting between the two Cypriot leaders, Nicos Anastasiades, the Greek Cypriot leader could not control his temper, shouting, “… he discusses only what he wants,” before throwing his spectacles across the room and lighting a cigarette. He then abandoned the meeting and left his astonished team, the surprised Turkish Cypriot team and the UN observers.


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