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“Factors of new phase were discussed”

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay said that a new phase will start in the Cyprus negotiations and they have discussed the factors of the new phase and evaluated different views during Tuesday’s meeting of negotiators.




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Adding that the issues discussed on Tuesday will be submitted for the approval of leaders, Özersay said that if both leaders approve the new factors, negotiations will continue.

Moreover, Özersay added that they also exchanged views regarding the new Special Advisor on Cyprus on Tuesday. With regards to the statement of Greece’s Deputy Foreign Minister Kiriakos Yerendopulos during his visit to the Greek Cypriot side that “Greek Cypriot side can not make concessions so the Turkish Cypriot side should make concessions”, Özersay said that it is an unfortunate statement "but we will continue our work considering that our main collocutor is the Greek Cypriot side".

President Eroğlu to attend the handover ceremony
President Eroğlu will attend the handover ceremony which will take place on Thursday at Çankaya Mansion where the 12th Turkish Republic President, Erdoğan, will commence his duties.
According to the statement made by the Presidency, President Eroğlu will go to Ankara, arriving at 07:50 on Thursday, in order to be present at the ceremony.
Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu received table tennis groups from People’s Republic of China
Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu welcomed the table tennis groups from People’s Republic of China who had arrived in the TRNC upon invitation of Girne Sports Union.
Speaking during the reception, the President of Girne Sports Union Ahmet Aknar said that they organised the International Table Tennis Friendship Camp which had been organised on 20th August quietly, due to the embargoes, and added that the aim of the camp was to give an opportunity to youths in the TRNC to learn table tennis from the experts.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nami received ex and new presidents of Civil Defense Organization
Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami received President of Civil Defense Organization Fırat Alakuş whose term of office has been expired, and Fatih Yarımbaş who has been newly appointed to this position.
Speaking at the reception Foreign Minister Nami said that Civil Defense Organization carries out a very important duty and congratulated President of Civil Defense Organization Fırat Alakuş who has served successfully for two years and also wished success to Fatih Yarımbaş who has been newly appointed to this position. 

TDP President Özyiğit met with the Greek Cypriot Leader Anastasiades
President of the Communal Democracy Party (TDP) Cemal Özyiğit met with the Greek Cypriot Leader Anastasiades.
Özyiğit recorded that a new phase will start after President Eroğlu and Nikos Anastasiades will resume negotiations on 2nd September and said that they expect to reach a solution during this process.
Özyiğit : “As Cypriots, we are expecting a solution in the new process which shall start on 2nd September. We are struggling so that the agonies of the past will not be repeated and so that our children can look hopefully to the future and we are hopeful.”

“Greek Cypriot side does not attach necessary importance to existing realities and demands of Turkish Cypriots”
President Derviş Eroğlu stressed that the Greek Cypriot side does not attach the necessary importance to existing realities and demands of Turkish Cypriots. Eroğlu expressed that Leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration is responsible for the stagnancy of the Cyprus problem.
In an interview to Kathimerini newspaper published in the South Cyprus, Eroğlu said that there are 8 more months until the Presidential elections and added that he has not decided about this subject yet.  Eroğlu said that it is out of question that he will make any statement about this issue before November. Touching upon the Maraş issue Eroğlu proposed an entire ‘give-and –take’ related to the territory issue.
Eroğlu also mentioned the election of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the Turkish President and said that Erdoğan will support an agreement which is approved by the Turkish Cypriot people.
Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özersay: “We welcome appointment of new Special Advisor”
Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay said that they welcomed appointment of the new Special Advisor on Cyprus by the UN Secretary General. Özersay made an evaluation on the issue and said that appointment of the new Special Advisor is an important development for the discipline of the negotiation process and more active participation of the UN into the process, and added: “We consider this as a step which will accelerate the negotiation process”.
Moreover, Özersay said that they expect from the new advisor to claim on the established UN parameters. The Greek

Cypriot side is giving harm to past convergences. One of the ways which will prevent this situation is UN’s claiming on past convergences. Özersay added “Eide is coming from Norway. Norway is a European country but not a member of the European Union. As you know, Turkish Cypriot side did not lean towards Special Advisor’s being from a European Union member country. It is a positive development that Turkish Cypriot side’s sensibility has been taken into consideration”.

Turkish Minister of Health Müezzinoğlu will visit TRNC
Turkish Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu will pay a one-day visit to the TRNC to attend the Oncology Center’s ground breaking ceremony. According to the statement of TRNC Ministry of Health, Oncology Center is an important step in restructuring on the issue of struggling with cancer in the country.

Turkish Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and his accompanying delegation will also hold a series of official contacts.

Moreover, it was stated that Turkish Health Minister Müezzinoğlu and TRNC Health Minister Ahmet Gülle will sign a protocol which envisages developing cooperation between Turkey and the TRNC.

“Claims do not reflect reality”
President Derviş Eroğlu said that there are claims that Turkey is making preparation for a surprise in Cyprus but these claims do not reflect the reality and Turkey is not holding meetings with the Greek Cypriot side behind closed doors.
Eroğlu added that Anastasiades expressed his expectation before Turkey’s presidential elections that if Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wins the Presidential elections, Cyprus problem may be solved but this was opinion of Anastasiades and there isn’t any consultation with Turkey and any meeting behind closed doors.
Moreover, Eroğlu said that the Greek Cypriot side is playing with time but Turkish Cypriot side wishes to start give and take process as soon as possible. Eroğlu added that he conveyed his demand to start and end the negotiations as soon as possible after Anastasiades was elected.

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