Thursday, November 13th, 2014


Two months into the St Andreas restoration project

Another view of the restoration work at St Andreas Monastery

This will be the first-ever collaboration between the communities on both sides of the UN-arbitrated Green Line as the Greek Orthodox Church is located in the northern, Turkish Cypriot part of the island. It has taking years for the two communities to agree to this restoration project that will require equal involvement and is seen by some as a test project that hopefully will be extended to other monuments. The creation, in 2008, of the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage, co-chaired by a Turkish Cypriot and a Greek Cypriot, hasRead More

Never-ending story of demagoguery and fairytales


LAST WEEK TUESDAY the general manager of Noble Energy (Cyprus) John Tomich put an end to the fairy-tale about the construction of a LNG terminal in Cyprus – a fairy-tale that had been served to the people of this country by all our political wizards in the last three years. Speaking at The Economist conference in Nicosia, Tomich surprised our politicians and journalists by stating that the quantities of gas found did not justify the construction of a liquefaction terminal on land or sea. This served as another reminder ofRead More

RoC conceil their escape from the negotiation table


Ertuğ: “Greek Cypriot administration is in search of unilateral alliances with the counties in the region in order to conceil their escape from the negotiation table” Presidential Spokesman Osman Ertuğ said that in accordance with the scenario previously formulated with Greece, Greek Cypriot administration is in search of unilateral alliances with the counties in the region in order to conceil their escape from the negotiation table and leave the responsibility on Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey. In his written statement Ertug recorded that the Greek Cypriot administration who issued aRead More

‘We are overwhelmed’ – Tulips girls well and truly in the pink


At the end of the long Pink month of October, when numerous events took place , some organised by the Dynamic Golden Girls of Tulips and others organised by various bars, restaurants and more, all of whom wished to play their part in raising money and awareness for cancer, in particular for Tulips, the final total has now been announced. The ‘girls’ tell is how it is for them: By Sue Tilt and Carole King We have just finished collecting all the monies raised during Pink October and we haveRead More

CESV went for the ‘triple. – an honour to honour those who gave their lives for others to live


It was an honour for members of the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV) to be asked to attend all three remembrance services as part of their duties. The first was held on Saturday evening at the Old British Cemetery, Girne to remember the sixty two police of three nationalities who fell in the line of duty during the Cyprus troubles between 1955 to 1959.  A monument to the British Cyprus police was unveiled and blessed by Reverend Wendy Hough and Reverend Canon David Wilbraham.  As the sun set over theRead More

Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on the joint efforts by Egypt, Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus and Greece to improve relations


Last Saturday a summit of cooperation was held in Cairo between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece that is hoped to improve Egypt’s relations with the European Union (EU), most of whose members disapproved of the removal of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi by the military last year. Both Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and [Greek] Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades assured Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that their countries would work as ‘Egypt’s ambassadors’ to the EU in order to improve the country’s ties with the union. Arguing that Egypt’s relations withRead More

Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu: “We shall move within the given rules of engagement”

Regarding tension arising from South Cyprus, Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu, said: “Rules of engagement have been conveyed by the Prime Ministry to the Office of Commander in Chief and by the Chief of Staff to the Commander of Naval Forces. In case of any conflict we will move within the given rules of engagement.” Bostanoglu said that they are closely and carefully watching all the developments in and around the seas and mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean. Bostanoglu said: “Turkish Naval Forces has been closelyRead More

Random Ramblings

A few days ago, preparing for a social evening with friends I opened, well, “tapped” I suppose, a 5 litre box of wine.  This action, compounded with a recent viewing of Simon Reeve’s travelogue about Australia, set my little brain into contemplation mode about how my, and, I presume other peoples, attitude to wine has changed over the recent decades. “When I were a lad” in Rhodesia, bars and shops were stocked mainly with beers and spirits, but very few wines, despite neighbouring South Africa being a major wine producer. Read More

Coffee Cup Conversations

Moving to a foreign country is a journey, an adventure, that opens doors to new cultures and to magical experiences. However, as much we say we are open to change, sometimes it’s nice to have familiar things around us that remind us of the things we know. It’s been twenty years since I moved out here from the UK and I’ve only been back to London a few times since. Personally there’s not much that I miss. I love my current life in North Cyprus too much to even thinkRead More

CMC Hurma Competition

Sunday at CMC was the Hurma ( date) competition, and the winners were presented with their trophies & a kilo of fresh dates each. The winner, who  overcame the windy weather conditions best was John Eldridge with Caner Barin in second and George Offord third.  

The Cyprus Carousel – or – Have we been here before?

Opinion by Tony Woods Part way through 2005 – almost ten years ago – I joined the then young and fresh tabloid the Cyprus Observer, a newspaper started, owned and initially edited by idealist Hasan Erçakica the spokesperson for CTP President Mehmet Ali Talat. Each week he presented his readers with his opinions and reflections on the ‘Cyprus Problem’, using information gained both from his privileged position and from his insight into Cypriot politics. In 2006 all his articles that had appeared from Issue 1 of 22-28 July 2005 toRead More

Xmas is a coming and the geese are getting fat – please put some money in Santa Bobs hat.

Bob Betts (Kim’s, from the KAR office, other half) who braved the icy sea off of Kerveransary beach last Christmas Day in aid of KAR is joining a group of like minded (mad !!) Catalkoy residents, who are having a Christmas dip at Shayna Beach Club in Catalkoy this year. Because Christmas is all about giving and sharing the group of Catalkoy residents will be pooling all of the money they receive in sponsorship and it will be split between 3 charities – Kyrenia Animal Rescue, Tulips and The KarakumRead More

Could the design of a storm within the Green Line ever work?

The first prize in the UIA-HYP Cup 2014 International Student Competition in Architectural Design was recently won by Stefanos Theodorou, a Cypriot fifth year student of architecture at Finland’s Aalto University, working with Biel Susanna Viladot from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Knowing that there is a shortage of water on Cyprus and a separation between the island’s two communities, Stefanos believes that they have made a statement through architecture with their project entitled The Unexpected STORM in Nicosia, Cyprus. Theodorou personally researched the Green Line last summer and theRead More

Carlsberg Winter Darts League

Results & updated league table following matches played on Thursday 6th November.   Results for matches played on 06/11/2014 Carlsberg Winter Darts League 2014/2015 League Table 11/11/2014 LEAGUE P W L F A DIFF PTS BAROOSH FLYERS 7 7 0 54 9 45 54 JESSICS  7  BAROOSH BANDITS 2 JESSICS 7 7 0 44 19 25 44 TOLGAS 6 5 1 43 11 32 43 MONTENEGRO SNIPERS  3  SEMPATI RAMS  6 EUCALYPTUS 6 6 0 37 17 20 37 THE ROLLING STONES 6 3 3 31 23 8 31 SH-BOOMRead More

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Kerry

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu had a telephone conversation with his American counterpart John Kerry. According to some diplomatic sources, during the telephone conversation which was made upon Kerry’s demand, developments in Syria and Cyprus issue were discussed. It is reported that, Çavuşoğlu stressed Turkey’s support to the  resumption of constructive negotiations in Cyprus and added that a fair, permanent and comprehensive solution based on political equality should be reached in the island by mutual agreement, which  should be based on the Joint Statement  made between  the leaders on 11Read More

USA Energy Affairs Coordinator and Deputy Special Representative Amos Hochstein: “Outcomes of a political solution will be wonderful”

USA Energy Affairs Coordinator and Deputy Special Representative Amos Hochstein said that there is a window of opportunity in the energy market and called for benefiting from this. Hochstein indicated that his mission is to remind people the outcomes of their behaviour and added that if  a political solution is reached on the island the outcomes will be wonderful. Expressing that the sides in Cyprus must decide how they will return to the negotiation table Amos Hochstein said that the most important thing is to return to the table. HochsteinRead More

The Pat Swayne Memorial Darts Competition

The Pat Swayne Memorial Darts Competition on Sunday 9th November saw 35 competitors battling it out to win not only the trophies but also the 1,100TL total prize money. The final results were: 1st = Cemal Gingi 2nd = John Swayne 3rd = Erkan Canbolat and Hasan Tausanli Best Lady Player = Joan Dartnall Highest Checkout = Bill Armstrong We have a lot of people to thank: We will start with the above winners who generously donated all their winnings back to Tulips and the Girne Rehabilitation Centre. All theRead More

Foreign Minister Nami met with Pittella

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami met a week last Wednesday with Gianni Pittella, President of the European Parliament Socialists and Democrats Group, within the framework of his contacts in Brussels. Foreign Minister Nami informed Pittella that the Cyprus negotiations have reached an impasse with the withdrawal of the Greek Cypriot leader from the negotiating table, and called on the European Union to take initiatives to enable the negotiations on the Island to recommence. Nami further stated that it is unacceptable for the negotiations to be suspended for any reason, that the raised tensionsRead More

A Story from the Offices of KAR

A little light relief from the usual onerous duties Here follows a little tale (as opposed to the usual stories of tails) to bring a smile to the face of readers:-   A very true Hotline call from a tourist ; T – Hello can you help us with this dog. We are in Kyrenia and it is in terrible trouble. We don’t know what to do ? KAR – what seems to be the problem ? T – well its in the road and it is very scared –Read More

Christmas Card Making Workshop

A Christmas Card Making Workshop will be taking place on Tuesday 25th November at Baroosh Bar in Alsancak from 11am to 4pm. All materials and equipment will be supplied however if you do own a cutting mat can we please ask that you bring it along with you. All volunteers are welcome, so even if you have never tried card making before then please join us as there will be experienced volunteers on hand to guide you. All Christmas cards made will be sold in aid of Tulips at theRead More