Thursday, October 30th, 2014


Join me on a photo tour of the Kyrenia Wednesday Market

If you are finding that some supermarket vegetables and fruit are not of the quality that you desire, then … why not visit the Wednesday Market on its temporary site between Bariş Park and the Kyrenia Municipality Cultural Centre/Girne Belediyesi Kültür Merkezi? There you can buy superb produce though the stallholders do not display ‘country of origin’. The produce on view ranges from fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit and pulses through to toys, shoes, clothing and tools as well as birds. So, next Wednesday, why not visitRead More

Girne Chemist Rota for November

NOVEMBER 2014 NAME ADDRESS LOCATION TELEPHONE NUMBER   1ST Toren 11 Eczanesi   Omrum Eczanesi VakiflarCarsisi A Blcok No 1   Girne   Karaoglanoglu Cad No 256 Tempo Supermarket Yani Girne   Tempo Supermarket Yani Girne 0392 815 1790   822 2287   2ND Guven EczanesI     AydinEczanesi SalihMiroglu Cad. Ersoy 6 Apt No: 9 A Yukari GIRNE ( Girne Arcicek Hastahanesi Karsis   Karaoglanoglu Cad Beyaz Plaza No 3 Alsancak Girne       By Starling’s known as funky pharmacist 815 2409       821 3361  Read More


This message is advance notice of an invitation to an Evening of Musical-Hall songs, presented by the Girne Edwardian Music-hall Society, (GEMS) directed by Francine Ash on keyboard with instrumental support from Mike Redman (lately of Stringfellas) on banjo. Indeed, following the success of our first Music hall performance in January, earlier this year, we were asked by many to let them know if we will be performing a follow up. The answer is a resounding Yes. Once again you are assured of an evening of melodic and mellifluous merriment.Read More

Bowled Over by CreditWest North Cyprus Cricket

The TRNC C.C. opened the new Creditwest North Cyprus Cricket League with a commanding win over the pre-tournament favourites Moufflons from Limassol, at the Bellapais Stadium last Sunday. The visitors agreed with Team Manager Nigel Holman when he said, cricket around the World enjoys some beautiful grounds, but few could compare with the Bellapais Stadium snuggling between the green mountains and the sea. Others in the crowd were heard to say, George Ward and Keith Lloyd in their formal Umpires attire added the final touches to the scene. It wasRead More


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Tina’s Trabez

The humble onion,can you imagine a recipe without onions in it? This wonderful bulb-vegetable, one of the oldest edible food sources known to humankind, is found in a bewildering array of recipes and preparations, be it your favourite salad, or mouth-watering gravy or curries. It has also been in used in traditional medicines since ancient times for its health promoting and curative properties. Onions are very low in calories (just 40 calories per 100 g) and fats; however, rich in soluble dietary fibre. Onions are rich in allicin which reducesRead More

EXTRA: additional to the ‘Safey’ article

After writing my piece on the joint Cypriot ‘Safey’ venture, I sent this e-mail to the team: Having read with great interest about the intercommunal venture promoting the ‘Safey’ product I am truly surprised that there are none located in the North of the Island. Surely an intercommunal product should be available to the Turkish Cypriots or have they declined the offer? To which The Safey Team very promptly replied: Unfortunately, since we launched ‘Safey’ earlier this year and it actually arrived in Cyprus in June we did not haveRead More

KibKom Kwiz

1. Which British University was the first to admit women to degrees? 2. What unit of Currency is used in Israel? 3. Where would you find Gatun Lake, Gaillard Cut and miraflores Locks? 4. Which British Queen bore fifteen children, none of whom survived? 5. Which two British admirals were shot on their own quarterdeck? 6. Benjamin Franklyn thought of it, and William Willey introduced a bill into the House of Commons but didn’t live to see it implemented. It affects people throughout the world twice a year, including thisRead More

I can’t have a bath…

So you’re probably thinking I’ve turned into a walking bad smell after reading the title of my column. I can assure you that’s honestly not the case, what I mean is that they don’t really have baths here. North Cyprus may be my motherland, but unfortunately there are a lot of essentials missing and plenty they need to catch up on. Almost every summer we’ve travelled to Cyprus as a family since I can remember for the holidays. As I got older and began to go abroad on my own,Read More