October, 2014


Cyprus: Time to think again


With the appointment of a new special advisor of the UN secretary-general on Cyprus and the recent fiftieth anniversary of the presence of the United Nations in Cyprus it would be timely to consider how best to move the negotiating process forward in a manner most likely to succeed. Over the past 50 years, spanning six secretaries-general, some 20 United Nations representatives, 17 force commanders, enumerable attempts to work out an agreement, and countless optimistic joint statements, most recently those of February 11, and of September 17, 2014, the factRead More

UN Secretary-General Ban called all concerned parties to de-escalate the situation

Ban Ki Moon

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon met yesterday with his Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide. Eide briefed Ban on the latest developments in Cyprus and the immediate region. The Secretary-General expressed concern over the tensions that have arisen in relation to hydrocarbons and over the suspension of negotiations. He stressed the need for all concerned parties to de-escalate the situation, so as to avoid any further instability in an already volatile region. The Secretary-General underscored the need for the parties in Cyprus to return to the negotiating table withoutRead More

14 % increase in exports


It was reported  TRNC’s export volume has increased  14 % in the first eight months  of 2014. According to the information given by the TRNC  Trade Office between January-August 2014, 100 million dollars worth of goods has been exported which makes  an increase of 14% compared to  the same period last year,  which was  87 million dollars. 60.8 % of total exports made in the first eight months of 2014 went to Turkey and the rest  39.2 %  was sent  to  third countries. Milk products, citrus and rakı had greatestRead More

“Rate of reaching remains of missing at excavations has fallen to 12%”

Turkish Cypriot member of the Missing Persons Committee Küçük : “Rate of reaching remains of missing at  excavations has fallen to 12%” Turkish Cypriot member of the Missing Persons Committee Gülden Plümer Küçük said that the rate of success at the excavations in the project which has been going on  for the last 8 years kept falling with time due to the death of witnesses and geographic changes and added that the   rate of reaching remains at excavations which was around 50 % in the  previous years fell to 12%.Read More

“The seas around the island do not only belong to South”

President Derviş Eroğlu pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side has abandoned the negotiations by finding an excuse and  emphasized that seismic research has been continuing in the Mediterranean for many years and added that the seas around the island did not only belong to the South. Indicating that “at present only the Turkish Cypriot side is at the negotiation table” Eroğlu said the preconditions put forward by the Greek  Cypriot side for the  resumption of the negotiations meant they have  no intention for an agreement. Pointing out that everyRead More

“Greek Cypriot side should return to the negotiation table without setting preconditions”

President Dr. Derviş Eroglu stated that the Greek Cypriot side left the negotiation table with intrigues and therefore should return  without setting any preconditions.  President expressed that Turkish Cypriot side will be happy if UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide convinced Greek Cypriot side to return to the  negotiation table following his visits to Ankara, Athens and Cyprus at the beginning of November. Eroglu pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side, which did not leave the negotiation table before when Piri Reis Seismic Exploration Vessel wasRead More

Pink October Events for Tulips

During the week the 19 to the 26 October the following events took place.  We have given you a brief write up on each one.  We do have photos of all the events and if you wish to have any of these to use please let us know. Sunday 19 October – Pink Auction and Raffle at Jessics Bar, Lapta This event started at 2 p.m. and Mus the owner dedicated 5tl for each meal they sold on the day.  A raffle was held and also an Auction of goodsRead More

Darts Charity Event on the 9 November for Tulips/Girne Rehabilitation Centre

John & Maureen Swayne are organizing a Darts charity event on the 9th November at the Olive Bar, Alsancak in aid of the Girne Rehabilitation Centre & Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) with all proceeds split equally. They have successfully organized two such events during the last 18 months raising 8,550tl for Help Those With Cancer Association & hopefully with everyone’s help this will be another success. The event will consist of a Darts Competition with all entry fees going to the charities & also there will be anRead More

Random Ramblings

I was intrigued and somewhat confused by a photograph and an article in the UK newspaper “Daily Mail” of Tuesday, 14th October.  The British Prime Minister, David Cameron posed for a photograph with a group of local Morris dancers, who had (following centuries old tradition), “blacked up” by smearing their faces with a soot-like substance. Should any readers be unfamiliar with the term “Morris” dancers, it is generally accepted that “Morris” is a derivative of “Moorish”, which was the nationality of a nation of Arab Berbers who swept through NorthernRead More

Coffee Cup Conversations

North Cyprus has become a multi-cultural nation thanks to the increasing number of foreign students coming to study at any one of our prestigious local universities. Young men and women from around the world are choosing to gain an education in a country that offers a warm and friendly welcome to everyone that steps foot on its soil. There is, in particular, a strong presence of African students in the TRNC and I recently had the pleasure of meeting three very strong minded individuals. Jubril Arogundade, Madaki Zachariah and AdedolapoRead More

Cameroonian political asylum seeker refused to return to South Cyprus due to violation of human rights

It has been reported that a Cameroonian refugee who has escaped from South Cyprus due to bad treatment asked for political asylum from Belgium and after Belgium’s decision to send her back to South Cyprus she   refused to return due to  violation of human rights. Greek Cypriot Alithia newspaper reported that Cameroonian political asylum seeker said  she was brought to South Cyprus with certain promises however she was forced to prostitution and arrested and assaulted by the police  and there was no translator to enable her to communicate with anyoneRead More

Rain or shine !! 31st October 11am


Fantasmagoric Fundraiser by Rotary for Polio Plus

Rotary International had recently asked all worldwide Rotary Clubs to organise an event as part of World Polio Day as part of their ‘world’s greatest meal’ campaign to raise money for the eradication of Polio. The Special Projects and Foundation Committee of the Liman Rotary Club , as reported by Malcolm Mitcheson , the current President of the Club, , ” rose to this challenge, and organised an event at the Dream Castle, Ozankoy. It was attended by sixty nine people, including many of our Friends of Rotary a groupRead More

CESV enjoy their sports , ready for emergencies they hope never come!

Saturday 25th October saw the first rugby fixture of the season taking place at Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa. It wasn’t so much a game of two halves but three games of two halves!  The Pumas played Near East University Tigers (NEUT) in a series of fast paced, exciting games.  The event started with a one minute silence in memory of Ilkay Demirtaş then it was action stations! Game one and two had 11 players instead of the usual 15 and played for 10 minutes each way.  Match one was a hard foughtRead More

Just for everyone to be aware – beware the hunting season is upon us

Residents of North Cyprus are asked to note that the ‘big game hunting’ season for 2014 will be held between 2nd November until 28th December and hunters will be out in the fields only on Sundays between these dates and also a single Wednesday on the 24th December; a total of 10 days hunting. Here are maps of areas allocated for hunting and areas closed to hunting: http://www.avfed.com/av-haritalari.php The season game range is: Brown Hare (1 per hunter / day) Chukar (5 per hunter / day) Black Francolin (or 5Read More

11 Universities and 64 thousand students in a country with 300 thousand population is a real miracle

Prof.Dr.Gökçekuş: “11 Universities and 64 thousand students in a country with 300 thousand population is a real miracle” President of YÖDAK, Prof.Dr.Hüseyin Gökçekuş gave a  speech at the 2014-15 Academic Year inauguration ceremony of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU). In his speech Gökçekuş said that higher education sector constitutes 40 % of the TRNC economy and added that 11 Universities and 64 thousand students in a country with a 300 thousand population is a real miracle. Gökçekuş expressed that the number of students which was 64 thousand at the endRead More

Carlsberg Winter Darts League

Results & league tables following matches played on Thursday 23/10/14, Baroosh Flyers go top after their 6-3 win against second placed Tolgas & 3 teams remain unbeaten.   Results for matches played on 23/10/2014 Carlsberg Winter Darts League 2014/2015 LEAGUE TABLE 27/10/14 P W L F A DIFF PTS EUCALYPTUS 6   SEMPATI RAMS 3 BAROOSH FLYERS 5 5 0 38 7 31 38 BAROOSH FLYERS 6 TOLGAS   3 TOLGAS 5 4 1 35 10 25 35 EUCALYPTUS 5 5 0 31 14 17 31 JESSICS 7   AYSERead More

TCYPA Charity Reception – Sunday 23 November at Sofra Restaurant Covent Garden

TCYPA is proud to announce its Charity Reception. We have been busy planning this great reception being held on Sunday 23 November at Sofra Restaurant Covent Garden in awareness of traffic accidents in Northern Cyprus. Money raised will go towards the KKTC Trafik Kazalarını Önleme Derneği. We have agreed that they will give details of specific potential projects with us which the money will go towards…. Please come along for cocktail type food and drinks, music performances by the great Turkish Cypriot musicians Nihat Ağdaç (www.nihatagdac.com) and Necati Emirzade (www.duotandem.com)Read More

It could be you! Members’ training sessions

Monday night training sessions for the CESV gave the members an ideal opportunity to try out some of the new equipment bought recently. The last CESV training session was a refresher in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) combined with a chance for us to try out the new mannequins.  Although most of our members are proficient in this aspect of 1st aid we have a few new members who had requested that we cover this whilst being introduced to our new “family”!  In previous training sessions we have had 3 different stations forRead More

Safety on beaches with Cypriot invention

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the British entrepreneur of Greek Cypriot origin, part of a wealthy ship owning family, is best known for setting up easyJet the low-cost airline and the Stelmar shipping line, with start-up funds provided by his father. Based on his start in life he subsequently set up a charitable foundation, the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, (www.stelios.com) that supports education, and entrepreneurial and environmental initiatives through the provision of funding and advice in the UK, in Monaco, in Greece and in Cyprus. Annually it sponsors awards with a cash prizeRead More