Thursday, September 25th, 2014



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Nami meets with Füle


Foreign Minister Özdil Nami had met with Stefan Füle, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policies in Brussels, last Monday. At the meeting which took place in a friendly atmosphere, Minister Nami conveyed to Commissioner Füle his thoughts regarding the on-going negotiation process on the Island, and particularly expressed that with the appointment of Mr. Espen Barth Eide, the UN Secretary-General’s new Advisor on Cyprus, the hope has emerged that the negotiation process will gain new momentum. Minister Nami expressed his concern regarding the transference of the Turkish Cypriot TaskRead More

TRNC cheesed off over Hellim issue


Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry files  cases in Greek Cypriot High Court Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry files  cases in South Cyprus regarding hellim/halloumi issue (“hellim” in Turkish and ‘halloumi’ in Greek). It is indicated that five cases were filed at the Greek Cypriot High Court. Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry Ali Çıralı said that the cases were filed  because Turkish Cypriot producers were not involved in the registration process, were not consulted, were not given information and as a result the whole process is not fair forRead More

President of CTFF Sertoğlu: “We couldn’t not overcome our problems with KOP, FIFA and UEFA should interfere.”

President of the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation Hasan Sertoğlu expressed that they are facing some problems with the Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP), with which they signed an agreement for the sake of uniting football in Cyprus and made a call to UEFA and FIFA to interfere in order to overcome these problems. Stating that he sent a letter to UEFA and FIFA and invited them  to be part of the process, Sertoğlu added they had no dialogue with KOP recently other than some correspondence. Sertoğlu also said that the dialogueRead More

President Eroğlu met with the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, Madani in New York

President Eroğlu met with the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, Iyad Bin Amin Madani, within the framework of his New York contacts. Madani and President Eroğlu met for the first time after Madani has taken office as the Secretary General of the OIC. Answering the questions after the meeting, Madani expressed that it is a privilege for him to have a meeting with President Eroğlu. Madani stated that at the meeting they evaluated Cyprus issue as well as within its historical perspective and he attentively listenedRead More

Tina’s Trabez

Potatoes! The staple of many a diet and we are blessed out in Northern Cyprus with good cheap ones!           Nutritionally one medium-size potato has just 110 calories and is absolutely fat-, sodium and cholesterol free, making them downright undeniable for any diet! It is the stuff you add to them, like fat for frying or butter that adds the calories! One medium potato with skin provides: Potassium – 18% of the recommended daily amount per serving. Iron – 6% of the recommended daily amount VitaminRead More

KibKom Kwiz

This week, is entitled ‘This and That’ 1          Who designed the bouncing bomb used  by the Dambusters? 2          Which group of people were emancipated in Britain in 1829? 3          What mythological creature was half man and half horse 4          Who was the world’s first woman Prime minister? 5          Who or what is the Witch of Wookey? 6          What fruit is used to make kirsch? 7          On what river does Dublin stand? 8          What unique find was made by a shepherd boy in Wadi Qumran? 9          What is campanology? 10        WhatRead More

Will you be a HeForShe?


Are you man? Or are you a woman? Whichever sex you are it honestly doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day you’re a human being. When it comes to females or makes, even being treated unequally, I have this type of fuse that takes over my thoughts and they become uncontrollable. How and why can there be mistreatment towards you or me, because of the gender we are? It’s wrong! Not only is it wrong it’s discrimination, the way I see it that it’s just as bad asRead More

TRNC opens a stand at ‘IFTM Top Resa Tourism Fair’ in Paris

It has been stated that TRNC attended the ‘IFTM Top Resa Tourism Fair’ in Paris, the capital of France with the initiative of TRNC Deputy Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports. At the fair which the TRNC attends for the first time this year, studies for promotion and marketing abroad are being done together with the representatives of the tourism sector. TRNC is introducing its nature, historical monuments, beaches, culture and various tourism products at the fair.

Cyprus issue

President Eroğlu : “We can accomplish a result with an understanding of reciprocal give and take” President Derviş Eroğlu pointed out that there are major differences between the Greek Cypriot side and the Turkish Cypriot side and he said that result can be accomplished with reciprocal give-and-take not with exaggerated demands. President Eroglu has gone to New York in order to make various contacts. Answering a question whether meeting of Foreign Ministers of Organization of the Islamic Cooperation will be realized in TRNC Eroğlu indicated that OIC Secretary General isRead More

A visit to the North Cyprus of yesteryear – 1995

Upon returning to the UK following a holiday in North Cyprus in November 1994 we showed our video and photos to many friends – probably bored them, if the truth is to be told – and two friends, Joan and David Gummer, decided to visit the TRNC the following November. Then, following their return, we watched their video and David was generous enough to allow me to copy it. This allowed me later to take a number of photos (video grabs) from it, that now make interesting viewing. A shortRead More

Two historic mosques to receive cash injection

The bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage announced that two mosques, one in Evretou/Evretu and the other in Tserkezoi/Çerkez, are included in new emergency measure projects. Phase 2 of the ‘Support to cultural heritage monuments is of great importance for Cyprus’ project includes both projects as fully funded by the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF). Ali Tuncay, a Turkish Cypriot technical committee member said: “These two mosques follow the first project by the Technical Committee the conservation project to Denia/Denya mosque which wasRead More

EU heritage prize for buffer zone’s Home for Cooperation

Located in a historic building in the UN-controlled buffer zone in Nicosia, opposite the Ledra Palace Hotel, the Home for Cooperation has been awarded a European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award for cultural heritage. The Home for Cooperation, launched by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research in 2011, encourages both communities to engage in historical research, cultural activities, dialogue and peace-building. The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards is the most prestigious accolade in the cultural heritage sector and covers four areas: conservation;Read More

Definite discussions with Positive proposals – municipality Mayors and KAR working together on ‘street dogs’

Progress with puppies, success with solutions for  street dogs,   neutering now, compounds for caring, hope for the homeless,  and every aspect of the street dog problem in both municipalities of Girne and Alsancak has taken giant strides forward following discussions between the respective Mayors and Kyrenia Animal Rescue. Margaret Ray, the Chairman of K.A.R is delighted to report that meetings with Mayors Nidai Gungordu of Girne and Firat Ataser of Alsancak have resulted in the beginning of a solutions to the ongoing problems of street dogs, whose existence on theRead More

Seventy years young and flying high for four legged friends.

Peggy Carmichael takes to the sky for K.A.R. The craze is not so much treating yourself to an exhilarating experience up in the sky, ever-so high, paragliding with this handsome man as your ‘safety blanket’ but it is also being done to help others. To date several people have enjoyed (if initially somewhat terrified) this experience including Peggy MacAlpine who to date is the oldest person on the island to have ‘flown’ with Ozgur. Each person has their reasons, and for many it has been the celebration of a specialRead More

Terracotta Treasures of Akdeniz

 The village of Akdeniz now has its own treasures, created lovingly over the past couple of weeks by several artists, who have created their own ‘Terracotta Warriors’  soldiers from the past who are guardians of the history, which will shortly be on display in a museum at Akdeniz. These figures are all copies of those excavated by Swedish Archaeologists in 1929 of figurines from the Bronze Age.  Half of the originals are to be found in Stockholm and the other half are in the Cyprus Museum in Lefkosia. Following all theRead More

For lovers of the 60′s a ‘Fun Evening’

Friends of the CESV are holding another of their very popular 60′s nights on Friday 17th October at 19.30. They are using a Great New Venue for this event and it will be The Chateau Lambosa, Lapta. Music will be provided by Werner and the Steam Machine and also a surprise guest singer. 60tl includes a chicken and chip supper and all local drinks. Come as you are or dress for the Era!!!!! Invitations are available from Lambousa or Brenda on: 0533 8407834 or Jenny: 0533 8761483. “We hope you can joinRead More

EIDE: “All problems can be resolved”

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus,  Espen Barth Eide stated  that the Joint Statement  signed by the leaders in February 11 is very strong  and clear and not contradictory  and  he believes there are  no big differences which  the two leaders cannot resolve. Giving his first interview as the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Eide said that the second stage of negotiations which was concluded was about  clearing the positions of the two sides. Expressing that all positions of the sides regarding the issues  are at theRead More

Scotland has voted – but what about the next U.K. one?

Phew. Scotland has decided, and people can now turn their attention to other matters British in the news. But for how long before voting once again rears its head? It won’t be long before voters will be making yet other major decisions at the polling Stations. Do I vote, ‘no’, ‘yes’ or how does any individual make sure that the results of the polls are true and representative of everyone.  Think about it? Someone else has already done so, and puts forward an interesting idea on ‘alternative’ voting. Who is it? MaybeRead More

Shop ’til you drop – a three day occasion to do so in the heart of Kyrenia


Three days of a shopping bonanza in the centre of Kyrenia hit the streets on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the week-end. Goods for sale at greatly reduced prices took up space on the pavements, as pedestrians enjoyed the freedom of strolling along the centre of the main one way street in Kyrenia, affectionately known as The High Street. Balloons festooned the street, music filled the air and it was a party atmosphere over all three days. Some motorists were not happy with the traffic jams, long queues, andRead More