Thursday, September 18th, 2014



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“Let’s come together and make peace at once”


Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu who paid his first official visit to the TRNC yesterday made a call to Greece’s Prime Minister and said “Let’s meet in the island, have tea in the South first then  cross to the North. Mediterranean has been the common sea of different civilizations and many nations. Lets come together and make peace immediately .” Davutoğlu also made a call to UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus  Espen Barth Eide and said “You have taken over the mission of  Downer. In order to takeRead More

Atalay visits Sweden


The Head of TRNC  Religious Affairs Department Talip Atalay visited Sweden. Mr. Atalay was invited by the Religious Social Democrats of Sweden. According to the information given by his office, Atalay went to Sweden within the framework  of dialogue process which is taking place with the support and initiative  of  the  Embassy of Sweden between the religious leaders of the two sides.  Atalay attended conferences on religious issues as well as attending  “Communication between the Religious Leaders- It’s Contribution to the Peace Process in Cyprus”. At the meeting Atalay stated thatRead More

Do you recognise this dog?


This friendly pooch was found at the side of the road at Catalkoy at the beginning of the week. Looks as if has been in a bit of a scrape. Injuries to his back end and cuts to his neck, as if perhaps he had too tight a chain around his neck at some time. Kyrenia Animal Rescue are caring for him at the moment, and the good news is that they discovered he has a microchip, so someone must own him. But who? The bad news is that theRead More

Anastasiadis expelled Drusiotis from presidential palace

Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis discharged Makarios Drusiotis from his post who caused crisis between Greek-Russian relations with the book he wrote. According to the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, Drusiotis’s mission as an advisor to the  Greek Cypriot leader will  come to an end at the end of September and the reason behind it,  is the book he wrote about the  role of super powers in 1974 which caused a big reaction of the Russian Ambassador  to  South Cyprus. Fileleftheros reported that Drusiotis will be appointed to Brussels to workRead More

Political crisis can arise in South Cyprus because of economic situation

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that  relations between Greek Cypriot administration and opposition parties are getting  tense because of the worsening  economic situation in South Cyprus and a political crisis can arise at any moment. Pointing to the bad relations between the sides at present, the newspaper reported that all the signs are indicating that a big conflict is approaching  with  consequences that is hard to estimate. It also reported  that the conflict between the administration  and the opposition concerning the law on the sales of mortgaged properties might bringRead More


President Eroğlu met with Assembly platform President Derviş Eroğlu met with Assembly Platform which is formed of the leaders and the representatives of the political parties that are represented in the TRNC Assembly. At the meeting, President Eroğlu informed the Assembly platform about the latest developments of Cyprus issue and the demands put forth by the Greek Cypriot side. Following the meeting, the leaders and representatives of the political parties underlined that Turkish Cypriot side has always been at the negotiation table with the purpose of reaching  a solution, andRead More

Lefkoşa Economic Forum reiterates its support to  the negotiation process 

“Lefkoşa Economic Forum”, set up in June with the participation of Chambers of Trade and Industry in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, South Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, made its second meeting in Istanbul and reiterated its support to the  negotiation process  towards  reaching a just and sustainable solution  that has started by two leaders in Cyprus. Members of  the Forum also prepared a proposal list to turn the buffer zone between the  two communities to an unification area rather than  partition area.

Barcelona Sports Club’s Former President Laporta: “Turkish Cypriot youth should have the right to compete in the international arena”

Spain’s Barcelona Sports Club’s Former President and Spain’s Autonomous Region Catalonia’s former MP Joan Laporta stated that Turkish Cypriot youth should have the   right  to compete in international arena. Meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports,  Serdar Denktaş and the President of  the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation,  Hasan Sertoğlu, Laporta said that it was difficult to understand the isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots in the field of sports and added that a great injustice is  done to the  Turkish Cypriot youth .Read More

German Minister of State Roth: “ It is righ time for  a solution”

Germany’s Minister of State in charge of European Union Affairs Michael Roth stressed the importance of reaching a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal solution in Cyprus based on political equality. In an interview before his Cyprus visit that takes place between 17-19 September, Roth called on to both sides in Cyprus to continue to work hard  to bring the negotiations to a success. Stating that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth’s first contacts in the island raised hopes,  Roth said “ it is right time for aRead More

European Rally Championship’s Cyprus leg to be held on 19 September in the TRNC

European Rally Championship’s Cyprus leg will be held on 19 September. Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Serdar Denktaş inspected the parkour where the rally will take place. Denktaş drew attention to the contribution of the organisation to our country, youth and sportsmen. Chairman of  “Rally Committee of the Cyprus Turkish Touring and Automobile Association” Kişmir stated that world-famous pilots will race in the rally and added that their aim is to make North Cyprus  memorable for them. Kişmir also added that rally is expectedRead More

Bonjour, nasilsiniz?

Before I start writing in depth, I want to you to think what it be like to love somewhere different. Somewhere you don’t know very well. Somewhere that is foreign but not to you. Somewhere you know will be the start of a new beginning and a great change in your life. Now turn it around and think the complete opposite.. It isn’t like you imagined anymore is it? When I came to Northern Cyprus almost 6 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what would happen, how it would work andRead More

South Cyprus is 19th among 28 countries in providing social justice

According to a research  done by German Bertelsman Foundation  in 28 EU member countries, South Cyprus came 19th. with 5,09 point in providing social justice. According to the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, the research was done comparing data belonging to  EU member countries regarding; preventing poverty, access to education, access to working life, socialisation, preventing discrimination, health and intergenerational justice parameters.

Random Ramblings

I understand that schoolchildren in the UK are to be taught various talents and skills such as, the “three R’s”, reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmatic!  This is an excellent idea, but way back in history, “when I were a lad”, these subjects formed the basis of every primary/junior school curriculum! Leaving aside the question of what has been taught instead of these educational basics, apparently “fractions” are going to be part of the arithmetical curriculum.  Why?  As Britain has adopted the decimal system (based on 10) rather than the “Imperial” systemRead More

It’s back to school time! Time for books, uniform, – expense, expense, expense – a real S.O.S.

The average mother breaths a sigh of relief when the long summer holidays come to an end, and a ‘normal’ life can be resumed for a few more weeks until the next break. Dad’s often don’t breath such a sigh, as they are often the ones faced with all that expense of new year, new term, new everything. But somehow the money is found for those children who are tomorrow’s world, and who have to learn how they will fit in to it and change it, and all through educationRead More

Goethe-Institut Book Basar has to be postponed to next Monday!

DATE CHANGED Due to the total closure of the entrance to the UN buffer zone tomorrow (because of the planned Cyprus-Rally!) our Big Book Basar originally scheduled for tomorrow Friday, 19th September 2014 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm has to be postponed to next Monday 22nd September 2014 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. We apologize for any inconvenience caused! We received information about the closure only 1 hour ago!  

Four thousand times ‘Burger Off’

A four thousand lira hand over from the Corner House Bar, Ozankoy, to Tulips brought a huge smile on the faces of all those involved with the ‘Burger Off to Cancer’ event. The 10th August was the day when a few willing, large appetite souls accepted the challenge to eat burgers to raise money to try to ‘Burger off’ cancer big time. The fund raising was not confined to overdoses of giant burgers but also a raffle, a horse racing game, and guess the sweets in the jar competition whichRead More

A Day of The Golden Atlantis on October 4 at the Black Olive Café, Alsancak

On the 4th October the Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak is hosting a special day for all those who are interested in looking back at The Golden Age of Atlantis and looking forward to recalling the wisdom of that age into today to create The New Golden Age. The day, led by Susan Rudd, Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper Foundation , is a mix of exercises, information, activities and guided visualizations, and no previous knowledge is needed to participate.     The day will include: Learning about the Golden AgeRead More

A reminder that giving blood saves lives! A hero needs a home!

Seven year old ‘Junior’ was in a bad way, and needed an urgent blood transfusion. Help was at hand, and thanks to ‘Turner’, Junior is now doing well and once again enjoying life. So reports Kyrenia Animal Rescue , for the seven year old is a Boxer Dog, and the blood donor Turner, is a resident at Arapkoy. It all began with an emergency call from Petcross Vet Clinic with a ‘Can KAR help?’  “We have a dog that needs an urgent blood transfusion.” and owner Veli Teker wanted toRead More

RBL Theatre players update.

The RBL Theatre players are sad to announce that the 2014 Pantomime ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ planned for late November/early December has had to be cancelled forthwith. This is due to unforeseen building work about to be conducted at the Girne Cultural Centre which was to be the venue for the Pantomime. Director Mark Lake, who also wrote the show said: “We are extremely disappointed as a group and are loath to let our audiences down. We are well ahead in our rehearsal schedule and the cast wereRead More