Friday, September 12th, 2014


Nefes – Breath


For the last month I’ve been in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and for the last fortnight I’ve waited impatiently for Sunday night to arrive. Last Sunday 7th September to be quite exact, you must be wondering why? Especially if I’m down to be working the next day. I’ll tell you. My reason for waiting so impatiently, was all down to a music event being held. A concert, you’re probably thinking ‘oh is that all?’  Well that’s just it, it isn’t. This concert was extra special, because it wasRead More

Important Security Announcement about Email and Identity Fraud

Over the last few weeks we have successfully intercepted some potentially fraudulent activities which if undetected would have potentially compromised individual’s financial security. This is a worrying development and we feel it is important to inform the local Expat community who seem at particular risk. The bank has received emails purporting to be from our customers requesting account information and transfers. The emails are sent directly to named individuals in the bank and often include information as to why funds are needed, for example… “I would like to know myRead More