Friday, September 5th, 2014


The USA is doing what EU cannot or does not want to do


Turkish EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır said: “USA realized present interests in Cyprus and a progress has been started in Cyprus due to the intervention of the USA. The USA is doing what EU cannot or does not want to do”. In the statement given to a news agency, Volkan Bozkır pointed out that the negotiations in Cyprus are their parameters. He said “There are some factors for the solution of the Cyprus problem, including territory and ports. We always made efforts to keep the negotiations and theirRead More

Lasting solution in Cyprus is the strategic priority of UN

Ban Ki Moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated that reaching a lasting solution in Cyprus is more important than ever because of great turmoil in the region. Secretary General Ban met with his newly appointed Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide. The meeting was closed to the press. According to the statement obtained from the Spokesmanship of the UN General Secretariat, Ban emphasized that UN will continue to give full support in order to achieve a comprehensive solution in Cyprus. On the other hand, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay stated that ‘UN SecretaryRead More


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Last year’s Last Night will be a ‘wild’ one

Graham Bradshaw

September 9th is a special night at the Wild Duck at Lapta, as many Brits and music lovers will hear  the strains of Elgar and other British composers rising on the warm Cypriot evening air as they watch a recording of the 2013 Last Night of the Proms from the Royal Albert Hall London and organised by Royal British Legion, Kyrenia . To all of them comes a message form Graham Bradshaw! And who, they may well ask  is he.  Graham is a cellist with the BBC  and the lastRead More

Kibkom Kwiz

Sounds the Same:- The answers to each question this week are homophones.  i.e. different words that sound similar.(two or three answers to each question) 1.  A male relative. Our nearest star 2. Wooden hinged barrier to house or field.  A manner of wlaking. 3. To build up.  To knock down 4. In this place.  To perceive a sound. 5. A cavity.  Entire 6. Weight of a vehicle.  To rip 7. Cost of travel.  Just. 8. Body’s mass.  Stayput 9.  Cooked flesh;  Encounter;  Distribute 10. Enveloped.  Knocked.  Fascinated.   Answers toRead More

Congratulations to the Plants

On the 5th September fifty years ago, Brenda Plant (as she is now known) walked down the aisle of St. Lukes Church, West Norwood, London, to reach the side of her husband to be, Mike Plant, and before the altar of the church which was built in 1825 in the centre of countryside. By the year 1964, West Norwood had long lost its true rural identity and the pigs, and cows which had been part of its life had been replaced by people, while St. Lukes Church had stood tallRead More

Family fun in the water – with a touch of turtle

The 10th Annual Aqua Fun Day  for SPOT took place on Tuesday 2nd September, and was both successful and disappointing.   Tricia Dann who heads the small team of Friends of SPOT (Society for the Protection of Turtles) was hoping that this year would be even more successful than last year,  but disappointment that numbers were down and income was down but she accepted this was probably due to the event being later in the season and the tourists with children from U.K gone home for the beginning of theRead More

The ‘Post mortem ‘results’ will be heard on

The KADS radio play ‘Post mortem’ written by Chris de Vere Hunt, and produced by Tony Woods was put in the ‘can’ a few weeks ago, and will now be let out of the can and be aired on BRT . Tony Woods and his cast worked hard over a period of almost two months before recording it since when the special effects have been added, and Can Gazi with whom KADS worke din co-operaiton has now been able to announce the transmission dates. First airing – Tuesday 16th September,Read More

Friends of the Emergency Services announce

Two events to put in the diary: The August Afternoon Tea will be at the Mountain View on Wednesday the 17th September at 15.00hrs – this month’s speaker is Bill Hayley and he will be talking about his experiences on the Royal Yacht Britannia. 12tl will include tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes. The monthly quiz will once more be at the Habana Bar on Monday the 29th September at 19.30. hrs . Notification of what the food on offer will be, will follow later in the month. To book either ofRead More

Eroğlu: “Anastasiadis comes to negotiation table with the names of villages he wants”

TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu stated that topic of territory will be negotiated after all topics are agreed however leader of Greek Cypriot administration Anastasiadis comes to the negotiation table with the names of the villages he wants to acquire and added that when these names are considered, the map becomes clear. Eroğlu appeared as an on-air guest on “Günlük” at CNN Türk and replied to questions concerning the recent developments on Cyprus problem and visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the TRNC. According to the statement releasedRead More

Victory to Ozankoy 1st Team at 1st friendly of the season.

Ozankoy Football team

Victory for Ozankoy 1st team put a broad smile on the face of Joe Efe their coach as they won 2:1 against Genclik Birklic, of Iskele. The visiting team is actually two levels higher in the league table, but for Joe is boded well for the future games and the tournament itself which starts on the 28th September. The match which was played at the team’s home pitch at Ozankoy, saw the two goals scored by Ali Copca and Mehmet Gul. Joe’s reaction was one of great pleasure “They playedRead More